Fendi and Thierry Lasry Sunglasses Launch


Thierry Lasry and Anna Cleveland at the FENDI iPhone and Thierry Lasry collection launch party in the Fendi boutique in Paris.

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Ali says: buy phones to ridicule? Back to corporate headquarters

iPhone Case

Recent aliyun moves a lot, the first thing you say cool things.

“Superior performance, long standby time, but shape residue. “In the future, on your cat on a cell phone after semantic identification of evaluation will be through aliyun transmitted real-time to enterprise before, during and after the end. Product Manager bonuses not only for you to decide, next-generation products will probably because you change the spit slot. wood iPhone cases

On July 29, UFIDA Software Park, Alibaba group and the UF technology company limited (hereinafter “friend network”) signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. The first phase will focus on enterprise computing, e-commerce, big data, and digital marketing in four main areas, aimed at promoting the transformation of traditional enterprise Internet.

Young people on the Internet may be the UF network some unfamiliar, first to make a brief introduction:

UF (Group) was established in 1988, is the Asia-Pacific region large enterprise management software, Enterprise Internet services and corporate financial services provider, is China’s major ERP, CRM, human resources management, business analysis, internal audit, small and micro enterprise management software and financial, automobile, tobacco industry application solutions provider.

Gee, is not the same old company, which don’t spend habits across the chest and continued to the Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong, who, as well as Alibaba executives together.

This time the specific content of cooperation is what? wood cases

1. in the area of cloud computing, aliyun will become a unified platform for both ecological cooperation. Under the agreement, UF its variety of products will be gradually relocated to aliyun, providing SaaS to the enterprise in the cloud service.

Enterprise cloud computing support will have one-stop access to aliyun, and friend network to provide diversification of industry solutions. Alibaba and the UF network these two eco-system will be implemented in aliyun platform integration.

2. in the field of electronic commerce, the two sides will provide enterprise customers with data-sharing mechanism, enables the business data to smooth the return to the enterprise. UF will first launch a business ERP that is “business” for corporate clients in Taobao, cat, and other e-commerce platform for order processing service.

3. in the data field, the two sides will aliyun and Ali data platform based, focused on data analysis tools and data products in both directions. Cloud–BQ Cloud BI products for enterprise customers will serve as the first product of mutual operations. The products developed by the network based on UF aliyun.

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4. in the field of digital marketing, UFIDA Bingjun marketing platform Ali Mama advertising system through, customers, marketing resources and promotion, as well as integration of the clearing system.

To sum up, Ali contribute their services electrical contractor cloud capabilities, UFIDA Software contribute their many years of service for enterprise customers experience and 2 million business users, Ali after docking with UFIDA enterprise management through e-commerce services to help enterprises transition to the Internet.

At the meeting, Zhang also announced some big news: Alibaba Group invested in cloud computing at the highest strategic priority, increased cast 6 billion cloud computing as a solid foundation for the establishment of a new commercial cloud computing ecosystem.


Said one reporter of Lei feng felt more special things. A seated, next to the smaller partners in discussing the stock market problems, asked after hearing the news yesterday to buy yet, not stock reporter of Lei feng felt bewildered, went on to host a stage announcement, UF’s stock trading today!

Original stock has always really! Drawing retail investors tremble!

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Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note5 transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps USB Type-C interface will be used, and 5.89 2K Exynos 7422 processor incorporates touch-screen, body thickness is 7.9mm around, the whole configuration is very advanced, and, according to earlier reports used on Samsung Note5 S-Pen stylus pop-up technology, to watch.

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(4. 7 Version), Samsung S3 S4 Black


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Apple Watch is the most difficult nut to crack: sell, sell, sell

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Apple now has hard bones Apple Watch second had to bite down–to make it out.

The hardest nut to crack is what? Course: sell, sell, sell!

Look at Apple Watch watch manufacturers know that start before: Samsung, Motorola, LG, all seem to do poorly, and the response is not very enthusiastic; watches do not speak aside, even the brother Google mirror Glass has attracted so much attention, and remains controversial.

However, Apple’s response is an experienced veteran. Imagine before the iPad out, who’s going to care flat is what? Before the iPhone release, who can realize intelligent opportunities as universal as they are today?

Therefore, every new “Apple” drop will make the global shock, Apple Watch is no exception. In public last year, and announced in April are available for sale at Apple Watch, naturally, led to widespread concern.

Apple Watch was deliberately limited in order to watch more like adding some features. The consumer technology analyst Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies said Apple Watch may attract the attention of fitness up and watch collectors, but also not-so-geek, you can attract a wider range of people.

“This is a brand new series. Most people have no clear idea, smart watches. ”

Guess: uncertain

In February, Apple has been giving press release invitations, and revealed some details, designed for launch campaigns. And as always, Cook remained Conference keynote speaker.

Apple clearly understand all the points of concern, so publish a lot of information about prices. We’ve all heard many times, starting at $ 350, starting at $ 350! Although Apple did not mention price caps, but watch collectors have made predictions, thinks that 18K gold fruit table may be as high as $ 10,000.

Employees said Apple Watch is the most difficult part is to tiny chips and sensors in the dial. Companies began testing two years ago, such as heart rate and blood pressure sensor, after 18 months of tests, taking into account a variety of factors, gave up most of the sensors.

Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case Leopard Red

Watch endurance is also Apple attaches great importance to the issue, they have come up with many solutions, including solar charging, which is also spelled. Eventually they decided to use Electromagnetic induction method and generate a voltage to charge the watch.

Apple said the watch batteries could range all day, users only need to recharge at night (so charging frequency and smartphones like the). Moreover, they also designed a power saving mode, when the low battery display time only.

In order to secure work, Apple is also painstakingly. An anonymous employee revealed that Apple looks like Samsung has even built a smart watch models, test outside the Office to deceive the public. Sounds are also drunk drunk.

In passing sentence, Apple Watch design team is “all-star”, just to name a few good:

Chief Designer Jony Ive;

Jeff Williams, Chief Executive;

Software development Chief, former Adobe Executive Kevin Lynch Just Cavalli iPhone 6 cases

Smart Watch: where is tomorrow?

Research firm Canalys report, 720,000 last year the Android version of the watch-listed, in fact, this is not an ideal number.

Analyst Daniel Matte said today smart watch market conditions are not yet ripe, so it appears this kind of situation. He made the prediction that 2016 would be smart watches sell for a year.

Predictable is that Apple Watch listing, is bound to the current Android version Smart Watch form the impact on the market, for smart watches, was a fierce battle.

Sanford c. Bernstein financial analyst Toni Sacconaghi thinks Apple sold 7.5 million Apple Watch in the second half. But rather than on the sales qianwanbu, even up to n circles around the Earth for the iPhone, or a bit less.

Watch: real words

No matter how much Apple Watch and special effects, in the final analysis, what can I do watch, to a large degree is determined by the application.

Frank n. Magid Associates Director of Tero Kuittinen has been providing consulting services for application developers, he said about 20 customers were asking about Apple Watch. And, according to him, many people expressed “cautious optimism”. But they also raised concerns about profit problems, in particular – so small a screen how to put ads down!

David Barnard is an independent App developer, he is currently designing a new application and iPhone connections watch Launch Center Pro. According to him, it can adjust the thermostat temperature, can unlock the door.

“The intelligent use and frequency of use of the watch, I look forward to the answer. ”

Barnard bullish on the future of the smart watch, but also a bit worried and don’t know what users will do with it in the future.

So Apple Watch, what exactly is the future? Let us wait and see. If you have any ideas, welcome to comment below, and let us think about the discussion!

via nytimes

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Apple Watch

Excellent workmanship, details polished in place shake like Pat wrist rich beautiful style lack of quality third-party application is Cottonwood standby time is not long enough to start difficult, is a bit more

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Free 100,000,000GB store, Google and Amazon, robbing user

iPhone Case

In the field of cloud storage, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, with roots in this market for a long time compared to the enterprise, can only be regarded as a rookie. But deep pockets Google got out on it is “arrogant”, will provide 100 million GB free storage space “chip” in Exchange for an early customer.

Today, Google officially launched a cloud storage service Cloud Storage Nearline, in order to attract businesses from specific Google cloud services such as Amazon, Microsoft, promised before to using other cloud services businesses provide free 100PB, or 100 million GB of storage space. Superman iPhone 5s case

Under normal circumstances, Google’s cloud service rate 1 cents per GB. 100 million sounds GB storage space, although there are many for a midsize enterprise, however, may only be enough for several months. Of course, Google has no reason to offer cloud storage service for an indefinite period, the free policy currently only in order to win over users of other cloud platform, complete the user of “primitive accumulation”.

Despicable Me Minion Superman iPhone 5/5S Case

In keeping with this cloud storage service designed to compete for customers, Google also rolled out a calculator, user-friendly computing cloud services from other companies transferred to the Google cloud services can save cost. It seems as though competition among companies, is “fair”.

In order to facilitate the smooth migration from other cloud storage services to enterprise users the Google platform, Google has launched the Google Cloud cloud migration services Transfer.

Although ferocious, but Google’s foray into this area in the face of competitors are not “hurtful”, especially Amazon, AWS cloud service regardless of the number of users of the latter or income are ranked first, and another “Gold master” Microsoft has also invested billions of dollars in the market. Superman phone case

Business Google rooted in ordinary consumers for a long time, long-term interests of this market to temporarily sacrifice short-term earnings, but Amazon is expected to retain customers but also will adopt corresponding measures, Google wants to compete with its customers may not be so easy.

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Moto 360

Appearance of new interchangeable strap endurance tracking unstable

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The disney produtcions In Depth: Disney’s Oscars Odds or Snubs


With the Oscars just around the corner, you film fans debate the odds of your favorite nominees and movies garnering Escuela Awards. Alas, we also jitters our heads in disappointment female notable snubs.

Disney Leather Flip Wallet Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Red

This edition connected with Disney Note 4 case In Depth recognizes The Walt Disney Studios’ chances of attaining Oscars, as well as pays tribute to some books that deserved some recognition.

Competing investors: The Boxtrolls, How To Train A simple Dragon 2, Song of the Underwater, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Mammoth Hero 6 may not end up finding the shiny statue, despite its actual high critical acclaim. Dragon‘s unexpected Golden Globe victory may not be a signal of it taking an Oscar, woman, but Boxtrolls might come in that will help snag it. What Big Good guy 6 has working in its favour is following last year’s Star Frozen and a lack of competition out from the Lego Movie, disappointingly snubbed.

At the Yianni-Georgiou and David White have always been nominated for their first Oscars as a result of work on Guardians, which included masterful position – just look at Gamora, warm – and despite facing level of competition from previous Oscar-nominated artists, it’s possibly that they likely take home trophies.

Competition: Chief America: The Winter Soldier, Dawn around the planet of the Apes, Interstellar, X-Men: Times of Future Past

Guardians is going to own tougher time in this category, considering usually the Academy has favored increased “artistic” features, such as Inception or Hugo. Sure, the film provided some wonderful treats for the interest, but Insterstellar may very well steal Parents from standing any chance. Hi, Groot.

Competition: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Inherent Vice, Into The Woodlands, Mr. Turner

As much as I think Ould – B. Shephard deserves kudos with her brilliant designs for Angelina Jolie coupled with supporting cast, she will likely shedding to either Colleen Attwood (Into The Woods) or Milena Canonero (The Grand Budapest Hotel), each of whom have already garnered three Oscars each. My bet is with regards to Canonero, as the Academy sure enjoys its period pieces when examine previous wins in this category.

Competing investors: Patricia Arquette, Laura Dern, Keira Knightley, Emma Stone

Streep rips off the show in this musical realignment by Rob Marshall, but we are all on board to see Arquette take home your girl’s first Oscar. While Streep results in an electrifying performance and once again expos her capable musical comedic grinds, after hearing her harsh or false comments about Walt The Disney Galaxy Note 4 case produtcions made just over a year ago, I am unclear if she deserves Oscar early for her role in this Disney year after year. It’s sometimes hard to remove the artists from their roles, and some Academy folks – despite loving her : may remember that unfortunate speech produced by Streep about Disney. Don’t diss the founder of the company presenting you a paycheck and essentially one particular more Oscar nomination.

Competition: The Extrême Budapest Hotel, Inherent Vice, Maleficent, Mr. Turner

As I mentioned earlier, Attwood’s position is undoubtedly and wickedly good. Your darling only competition truly comes from Budapest Hotel.

Competition: The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, Interstellar, Mr. Turner

Once again, Budapest normally takes the prize, for its immersive climates could trump even the depth just that Woods delivers. Luckily for setup decorator Anna Pinnock, she has job opportunities nominations this year (also for Budapest). Even if she does not garner Oscar gold for either film, the actual wins acclaim either way for being a little handful of individuals nominated twice within an category in one year. Pinnock are able join Alexandre Desplat’s club, Reckon, as his orchestration for Budapest and Imitation Game both get nods. Nice work, you two!

Competing investors: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Parents of the Galaxy, Interstellar, X-Men: Times of Future Past

Absolutely, the very good work of Dan DeLeeuw, Russell Earl, Bryan Grill, and Matan de Sudick comes through Soldier‘s scenes, that do not effectively rely on as much CGI as some of counterparts, but as suggested earlier, our own Academy will likely favor the consorteria behind Interstellar.

Competition: The Bigger Image, The Dam Keeper, Me or My Moulton, A Single Life

This is no Paperman nor a Your self a Horse!, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ two previous shorts that confirmed Oscar nominations – Paperman landed, by the way, if you recall. But Cast has its charm and an enticing, in the event that scrumptious, visual style. This category is truly anyone’s game.

Should have been selected for: Best Original Song

Making when 2011′s The Muppets landed in this category for “Man actually Muppet, ” a hilarious parody that sounded like it came appropriate out of a 1980s ballad player? It seemed inevitable that one connected with Muppets Most Wanted‘s tunes would probably attain recognition. Not the case. While no one piece reached very good of “Man or Muppet, ” this sequel has an assortment of fantastically funny songs, from the opening extravaganza “We’re Making A Sequel” to disco-themed “I’ll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo around Malibu). ” What a disappointment that Academy rewarded a few commercial song titles with recognition this year instead of monitoring true cleverness.

Should have been selected for: Best Original Song

I campaigned for Spencer Lee’s accommodating “Still I Fly” back when film production company was released, but unfortunately the Oscars did not find enough value around Planes‘ motivational melody.

CAPTAIN THE STATES: THE WINTER SOLDIER showcases truly awe-inspiring cinematography, whether in the confines on this elevator when Hydra assault Level or the bouncy climax. A selection in that category for Trent Opaloch would seem just.

BIG HERO 1 has a wonderful musical score by just Henry Jackman that jumps on from sentimental to pop or action-packed. This truly should have been identified by the Academy.

What do you think The disney produtcions will win this year? What do seen as notable snubs? Share present!

This is Brett Nachman, signing at bay. Follow me on Twitter for the purpose of alerts of new editions of The disney produtcions In Depth, Thursdays on Geeks connected with Doom.

Price 12,000 Devialet Phantom wireless speaker experience

iPhone Case

When it comes to wireless speakers, what do you think a mainstream product? the answer is perhaps the smart home WIFI positioning such as Sonos product, perhaps Jambox Bluetooth portable product is so popular, they are a common feature is the location of the general consumer market, price ranges from hundreds of thousands of Yuan to general users to accept. So, if a wireless speaker prices reach $ 2000 (about 12,400 Yuan), it should have what kind of shape? look at Devialet Phantom.

Price 12,000 Devialet Phantom wireless speaker experience

Design: like a small vacuum cleaner

Price 12,000 Devialet Phantom wireless speaker experience

Initially Devialet Phantom, its edgy styling is amazing. It looks like a vacuum cleaner of the ellipse, or spacecraft in science fiction movies, in short bar, square speaker at odds with the common market. In fact, Devialet Phantom design has a number of patents, volume and designed to get the best audio performance.

The Next Web Editor tests the 750 Watt (99dB) version, there is also a 3000 Watt (105dB) model, the price is more expensive, at $ 2390 (about 15,000). Devialet Phantom design is quite simple, only a power button on the fuselage, no other sound effects buttons or mobile applications designed to highlight the simple operation and pure sound quality experience. Body back, you can see the network interfaces, fuselage built in WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, but Bluetooth connectivity seems does not work properly, the manufacturer says it will soon offer new firmware to improve connection performance.

Sound: the volume and bass-amazing

Price 12,000 Devialet Phantom wireless speaker experience

24 through dedicated Hub,Devialet Phantom up to speaker connections, due to the volume of individual speakers is very alarming, 24 while playing music concert in effect may have reached the level, even if you have enough budget (about 290,000 yuan), do not want to do, because the neighbors will alarms.

Devialet Phantom using advanced design, can process 16Hz sub bass, deal with 25Khz high notes, outstanding musical performance. In addition, its on-board “ADH smart” sound, essentially provides a combination of analog and digital amplifier sound, clear, powerful, no distortion sound.

The Next Web editors said after the trial, Devialet Phantom offers amazing volume, a single speaker enough to disturb your neighbors, to lower the volume. Sound quality, Devialet Phantom more of an emphasis on the bass, but the treble is clear, almost classical, pop, hip hop, rock and other types of music, with satisfactory performance.


Strictly speaking, Devialet Phantom of the musical performance was not perfect, but has reached a very high standard, which is also in line with its price and location. Obviously, it is not a portable wireless speaker, functions and modes are also slightly single (will be added through a firmware upgrade feature), but in terms of volume, sound quality and scalability, Devialet Phantom is a pretty ideal, is also a very expensive option.

Source: Tencent digital Griffin

Griffin Survivor iPhone 5 Case

Tech21 Iphone 5 / 5s Bumper Bankruptcy Shock Absorb Cover Protector


Technology 21 impactology Apple IPhone 5 suggestions 5s Shock Aborb cover from protection Our iconic Impactology™ case for iPhone 5, provides outstanding impression protection for the back and sides of anyone’s valuable device in a slim-fitting planning. Created with a premium TPU formula reputed for its excellent flexibility and rasping resistance, scientifically proven shock absorbing lumber lines this smooth shell around your device with intelligent impression protection. It offers premium impact safeguards for the device you love in a simple, stylish design. Features: Scientifically undeniable impact material which absorbs along with dissipates impact An advanced TPU menu renowned for its excellent flexibility along with abrasive resistance A slim-fitting planning Access to all functions of iphone 4s Used for 1 month, upgraded phone. And backside plastic protection has not been used and comes brand new still.

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