Go Pair No walk the Blue charging Freedom

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How do you build the three gorges hydropower station to do? It was wide of the mark to say that, lasting since the river often floods in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, in order to save all the people. Leaders would take the thigh head and chest, encountering all sorts of thinking and poor exhausted taking into account to come up with a way, dam section of flood, then came the three gorges hydropower station. Black out into today’s topic: small hydro power equipment Blue Freedom. The device from a Germany company, to convert the kinetic energy of moving water into electricity and then for use by mobile devices.

Before the Blue Freedom, also uses hydroelectric power for portable devices, such as water flow generator HydroBee. However, Blue Freedom claims that the device is the world’s smallest. Weight approximately 57g lighter than HydroBee a lot, and is very portable. Therefore, when traveling, you can put it in the backpack. Entire product size is 20 cm long *5.5 thickness, which includes small turbines with a diameter of 12 cm, a generator and a 5W 5000mAh lithium-ion batteries.

At the time of use, turbine (figure on a blue piece) thrown into the flow of the water, Blue Freedom mother to charge through a data cable connection. Unfortunately, there is no USB-C interface. You can also let it recharge itself, after a full charge it again it does not matter, after all, have a 5000mAh lithium-ion batteries. Precautions for use, Blue Freedom, does not require a particular position, as long as the water is flowing on the line. Water temperature is maintained at 5~40du, below 5-kilometer. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 5 Case

See here, some people may feel that Blue Freedom is a very interesting product, Yes, according to the plot, next to find fault.

First: when engaged in outdoor activities or travel, encountered than exposure to sunlight to flowing water. And solar energy can move while charging. According to United States and Canada data of hydro-electric power, hydro-electric power efficiency is better than solar, 90% water could be visualized as kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy, which is as long as the conversion rate of 15%.

Second: how water velocity is called “flowing waters”? What is the relationship between speed and power? Blue Freedom said the device in the flow velocity is 1.2 m/sec (1.2 m/s) case, in 3-4 hours, 5000mAh lithium-ion battery is fully charged. In other words, 1.2 m/sec under the water, take 1-2 hours with one iPhone 6. What is this concept? For example, Powertraveller Solarmonkey solar charger Adventurer take 8-10 hours to the company full of 2500mAh batteries.

Third: travel sites is the desert, cities, and where there is no river, even if it’s portable is a useless thing. Go to these places, why did you take it? This is not the problem. It was supposed to solve the problem is to those found in the River, electricity design of outdoor activities.

At present, the Blue Freedom is just a prototype, raised $ 100,000 through Kickstarter platform for mass production. If all goes well, the final product will be listed in October this year, now raise prices to $ 219. If Blue Freedom promised by the charge efficiency is true, than solar power, this is a good choice, but also third party, for this burn. If not, will only lead to more disappointment.



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Phone 4

Over the previous “no design is good design” phone 4 the emphasis on design and process is clear, we can see millet’s breakthrough. Thankfully the screen, colors appear very pleasing eyes, MIUI V5 playability comparable to the system. Catch is, the hardware configuration is not more “enthusiast”, some lovely, heating controls need to be strengthened.

Marcelo Burlon iPhone 5 Case

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Materialistic silently chop off Kisslink panties for you


From colleague hands even the LAN ports are not, shape and strange router, I am a little disdain, a router can make anything funny? Find Kisslink manual, which says that only two steps you can configure Kisslink, the first step is to plug in the network cable and the power cable, the second step using a mobile phone “Kiss” the top of the router, then you can do it!

Such an amazing connection method does sound a bit ridiculous … …

“Kiss” is a difficult action

After you connect the power cord and network cable, I did not immediately use the Kisslink, but need to wait for a few seconds, when the top of the router ring when the Orange indicator light is blue, represents the router has automatically configuration is successful, action can only proceed to the next step.

This time my cell phone (tablets or laptops), near the top of the router for a few seconds, blue ring at the top of the router lights are issued at this time breathing lights effect, saying “I was paired with you”, is in need of attention, devices need to cover the infrared sensor at the top of the router, it tells “Kiss” correct posture. Typically “kisses” for two or three seconds, you will hear the router drops sound, said certification. Then you can use Kisslink to connect with Wi-Fi just kissed the list named KSLINK023608 (different figures behind Kisslink can be different) Wi-Fi hotspot, you can have Internet access.

In the subsequent period, Office phone, iPad and laptop all my tests, and Kisslink through intimate contact, but not all devices can be successfully passed “Kiss” to connect.

Compact, such as mobile phones, tablet devices, you can happily use any position to “Kiss” Kisslink, and certified in a relatively short period of time, generally two or three seconds. Of course, this is also a prerequisite, you need to turn the phone or tablet to WLAN settings screen, if the phone is under the lock screen, paired with a Kisslink time will be greatly increased, even could not be matched.

Want to hand a laptop this large, component or even light product to “Kiss” Kisslink, is not an easy thing. While due to different notebook computer of antenna of wiring location difference is big, and and Kisslink of “kissing” of location away from antenna more far words, will “Kiss” is long also certification not Shang, so I had to took with huge of notebook with various position in Kisslink above Hoang to Hoang to, to looking for and Kisslink Zhijian signal most strong of “kissing posture”, that colleagues asked I “you is in detection mines did? ”。 Later, a little wiser I, take Kisslink to “anti-kissing” notebook, colleagues ask me: “change this back to laptop security? “All in all, these big guys, Kisslink” Kiss connect “experience is not good.

Kisslink also provides another encrypted Wi-Fi networks, on the label at the bottom of the router default password, I can knock a password to connect. iphone 6 Plus Hello Kitty case

No set was the best set

For DHCP network Office, automatic networking cable can plug in the router, but my Internet access is by dial-up PPPoE type, even if Kisslink intelligent, it is impossible to know the account operators provided me with a password.

So, you make the connection cable and the “kissing” after the two steps, open the browser on any page, the browser will automatically jump to the dial-up networking login screen to enter account and password for the PPPoE dial-up network, which is actually quite easy.

Except fool type of PPPoE login service outside, Kisslink in wireless relay aspects also also provides has fool type set, in only plug power line of situation Xia connection Kisslink, open browser browse any page, browser is will automatically jump to need entered a wireless relay of configuration page, I only need select list in the to bridge received of Wi-Fi name and entered password, Kisslink on will automatically configuration became this Wi-Fi of bridge received router. Motley Fool operation, you can order a praise.

Kiss on the Internet that do it? Hello Kitty iphone 6 plus

Kisslink no password Wi-Fi hot spots and connections in a single kiss principle, I hope you are curious. It is not difficult to understand, Kisslink MAC address white list system, “kissed” Kisslink router device will be automatically into the white list of the router, you can connect to the Internet, but not “Kiss” Kisslink device can the password-free Wi-Fi hotspots have been found, but not in the router MAC address whitelists and so cannot be connected.

Kisslink creative design lies in its security problems. Kisslink used has a is has creative of way, it of all secret (underwear) are in router top Department of infrared distance sensor Shang: Dang sensor was block Shi, router began detection around signal most strong of Wi-Fi equipment, and will its MAC address joined white list; if router in this detection in the has captured has a MAC address, so white list search of action on will immediately stop, other equipment also on no any opportunities into white list, natural also on cannot even received Kisslink.

iphone 6 Plus Hello Kitty case

Unless … … You know this router of location, and has been on with router launches super strong of Wi-Fi signal, is may in other equipment “Kiss” router of moment Gasser to Kisslink of white list in the, but to know Wi-Fi of signal strength with distance and block real of attenuation is is serious of, so wants to in far distance with signal strength to PK off almost and Kisslink posted in with of wireless equipment, people is hard achieved of.

Of course, Kisslink in addition to fool automatic configuration, through exclusive App also provides more tuning options, it is regrettable that, only App you can download of the Android system, iOS users also need to wait for the time being.

Kisslink App provides only a very limited set of options, for example, was only open in the Wi-Fi settings to change Wi-Fi name, encryption and whether broadcast options, like traffic monitoring, bandwidth allocation and port mappings commonly used functionality is provided, such as home routers, it is unacceptable for me.

Kisslink have white and pink two color options, price of 269 Yuan, sold at the store. As a built-in 2-antenna, only supports 2.4GHz wireless networks, and very few routers not LAN ports and functions, price seems … … Well, chop away all the underwear, are you willing to pay for its originality, is your business.

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New MacBook

The new MacBook is a very consistent with consumer expectations and the evolution of Apple products. Caught in the thin and light MacBook Air portable, and equipped with Retina display screen MacBook Pro among consumers, with more in line with the requirements and the ideal choice. The use of new technologies, new MacBook to further enhance integration and integration, improved keyboard, touchpad and screen, as well as the new USB-C interface, and has a great imagination and ability to play.

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to get iphone for ipod solar battery charger products Price


Compare Prices forward for Iphone for Ipod Abolengo Charger Products- Online Shopping/Buy Extremely affordable price for Iphone for Ipod Abolengo Charger Products at Factory Expenditure | Aliexpress. com | Alibaba Group

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The United States StickNFind Stick N Find Bluetooth Tracker guards against

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Absent-minded lang’s demise is here! United States Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Tracker, only coin size, paste (or suspension) are easily lost items (also OK~), equipped with a specific App for smartphones will be able to locate the position of the baby, so absent-minded lang no longer worry about lost love! Love unusual shop, Pat shop for sale.


(1) with a Smartphone App that tries to locate distance. (2) you can also set up your valuables safe distance when items lost or left the safe distance, the phone will receive a beep alert.


(1) family travel, elderly, children, pets, and each put a! Never get lost, and (2) put a wallet, stolen or fall, first alert reminding; key in the company, know only to the door? These will always be a thing of the past; (3) lane, on the bus at the airport, or you can monitor your luggage (4) never have to waste precious time looking for the remote control.

• Only small as a dollar coin, 4.1 mm in thickness, which means, you can easily stick to any article, doesn’t feel cumbersome.

▲ To beep and the blinking lights of two reminders

▲ 3M VHB adhesive glue on the surfaces of objects and excellent bond strength and tear countless times, was fitted with sticky is not affected; can be glued on glass, metal, plastic, leather, cotton, wool, cement walls, painted surfaces, wood, and many other applications. But in order to keep the viscosity more, be sure to wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth to dust, oil, please use the alcohol wipe dry after use.

▲ Adhesion on the bags, monitor at all times, once off the safety range, for the first time will be reminded

• Standard “mounting plate with hole” (pictured right), if not sticking to the surface, you can use this mounting plate is hung. Stick-N-Find attached to the mounting plate, and then through the hanging hole hanging ring mounting plate on to the rope. (Pictured below)

• Hanging around pet’s neck, anti-lost, lost, theft

• Hanging on the child’s shoelaces, to protect their children in a safe, controlled environment

• Software parameter settings interface is very simple, simple, and easy to understand Commuter Otterbox iPhone 5

• Set up a reasonably simple, set according to your needs

• Bluetooth wireless sensor sensitive, all under your control

• Software interface vivid


Children, pets, elderly, luggage bags, wallet, keys, remote controls and other


① adhesive surface

II also can use the attached mounting plate with hole, hanging rope online!

* App installed devices are currently supported: iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPad3/4, and iPad mini, and new iPod Touch and the Sumsung Galaxy S3, Sumsun Galaxy S4, Sumsung Note 2, Motorola Razr MAXX HD, HTC One, HTC Doid DNA

“Product information”

Otterbox Commuter Silicone iPhone 5 Case Black

Property: original authentic

Brand: StickNFind

Product name: Bluetooth Tracker Stick-N-Find

Origin: China

Parameters: 1 cell phone can simultaneously monitor up to 20 this product (Bluetooth Tracker Stick-N-Find); monitoring distance of 30 meters (wall or the human body may hinder the Bluetooth signal strength) and Bluetooth compatible with 4.0 and above

Size: 24 mm (diameter) *4 mm (thickness)

Battery: battery life 1 year (calculated in accordance with 30 minutes of use per day); the battery model CR2016 watch battery (included battery, battery replaceable)

Package: see above. 1 or 2 optional, buy 1 no packaging! And instructions in English, 2 packaging and original manual.

With immediate effect, with micro-add a love letter to strange as a friend, there are new surprises every day ~

Methods: (1) micro-scanning the QR code on the left of the letter, (2) micro-adding friends, “love strange”, or “aixiqi520”, can be ~

1, the first to know of new products; Commuter Otterbox iPhone 5

2, micro listener privileges.

If you love unusual fan app to listen to us.

TCA Announces Expanded Material Supply to be able to Embraer


TACOMA, Wash., May 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Toray Composites (America), Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “TCA”) would have signed a Memorandum of Consent with Embraer S. A. to be able to expand its current contract enthusiastic carbon fiber iPhone case prepreg materials to include the exact Embraer E175 E2 program.

Carbon Fiber iPhone 5 Case Black

With the help of the E175 E2 Program, TCA will broaden its supply of contemporary primary structure carbon fiber phone case prepreg cloth to Embraer products.

“Adding the exact E175 E2 program to our Embraer business positions us with a secure presence not only in their leading distinctive line of executive jets, but also in their large programs as well, ” said Ryoichi Nakama, President of TCA. “We look forward to continuing our partnership consisting of Embraer by working the right service or product and technology solutions to meet those program needs, ” said Nakama.

“Working with Toray Composites [(America), Inc.] has been a rewarding past experience that adds value to our accessories, ” said Richard Sarzi, PhD, Composites Specialist for the E175 E2 Program [Embraer S.A.].

TCA genuinely wholly owned subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc. (headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Akihiro Nikkaku), located in Tacoma, WA and manufactures industry-leading carbon fiber prepreg materials for aerospace, have an impact on, industrial, and sporting goods applications.

HTC M7 offers multiple color white publicity photo exposure

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HTC will launch on February 19 in New York and London, equipped with a Sense of the rumors for a long time 5 latest flagship, the M7 will be released, another rumor is claimed that HTC is scheduled for March 8 distribution of M7, and will contain more than one color, have determined the color black and white, publicity photo was leaked online. iPhone 5 Monster case

Disney 3D Cartoon Monster Silicone iPhone 5 Case


But with large leak information of confirmed, believes M7 soon on can and we met has, HTC in spent has 1.5 years of shares shrink Hou can relies on new products makes its shares again rebound on have see M7 whether has enough of temptation force has, and addition also has message said April of when Samsung Galaxy S4 also will released, this also meet in previous years of Shi drive table, then we on can again once see new a round of flagship contest.

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Mannequin who overcame cancer and cracks in heart wants to inspire others


A NEWPORT man who was constructed with three holes in his confounded and had cancer as a baby reports he hopes to inspire others together with his modelling career.

Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 5s Case Leopard

20-year-old male manufacturer Asher Rawcliffe has already worked at their fashion weeks in London and Cardiff, as well as with designer brand This sort of.

Now Mr Rawcliffe, whose modeling name is Sasha Valentine, defined he wants his story on inspire others in Newport to think about their dreams.

He said: “What happens to you when you are younger executes affect your future. But I did not think I’d ever do modeling.

“The things I have done, folks can do. I just want to motivate men and women. I know a lot of young people get closed up or into trouble. But you may be wondering what I want to get across is that you shout take anything you put your mind to. ”

Mr Rawcliffe is one of projects identical twins, but during pregnancy this man’s brother Reuben absorbed all the vitamins and minerals leaving him born ill research three holes in his heart.

Having been taken to the emergency unit ourite Royal Gwent Hospital where he spent the nights for months – and then doctors girl he had a form of stomach cancer.

Which he said: “My parents are strong Christian believers. They prayed for me and they defined my recovery was a miracle. ”

Mr Rawcliffe, who went to Cwmfelinfach Primary School in Caerphilly, boasted his first taste of modeling at 16 – but it weren’t long before he was targeted by scammers usually.

He said: “People had definitely said to me I looked outstanding so I thought I should get into it’s and I put some of my snaps online.

“These people started statement they loved my pictures associated with wanted to sign me – still little did I know it was useless. My family were scammed out of a lot of money.

“But then a genuine photographer identified my pictures, he was a machine and I did a promo vid with him and I appeared in the website.

“I did a few can take with him which was good straightforward get to meet different people. ”

Now, Mr Rawcliffe has modelled at their London Fashion Week for a point out with British fashion clothing agency} DK Darlington, when he was slightly 18, as well as working on a a good cause show by luxury brand This sort of.

The former Cwmcarn High School pupil definitely choreographed a show at Cardiff Clothing fashion Week in the Capitol Shopping Brain balance, and featured in the magazine, Of this Wales Wedding.

“It’s tough, ” Mr Rawcliffe said. “You have to do different walks for different types of dress. It’s like an army camp you will need to learning.

“One night I was method all night trying to learn 40 different air for the following day. ”

But the manufacturer said he wants to urge many others to follow their dreams too.

“I want to get my story out certainly people know that whatever things you usually are suffering, there is a way, ” he / she said.

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iphone 4s cover


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