New technology can be obtained from waste biofuels


  In Stephen Chow’s movie the Lord of destruction, broken water when big brother debut for all the people said: I’m not alone, but rather that all of you are garbage. Believe many small partners in while watching this movie, the first reaction is: this guy is so less. And now, perhaps “junk” will prove to the world that he is not doing anything, there are a lot of hidden value.

  In the near future, the University of Maryland (UMD) two of Dr Richard Kohn and Seon-Woo Kim developed a new technique to obtain patents: using natural fermentation, obtained from waste gas important composition of ethane and octane. Hello Kitty cases

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New technology can be obtained from waste biofuels

  We all know gasoline is usually extracted from the oil. Therefore, oil is the most important source of energy, not even one. But because of their non-renewable nature of oil will end up with less until there is none. While there are already a large number of companies in the study of new energy vehicles such as electric cars. But from a performance point of view, petrol car is undoubtedly more superior, it may also become causes of gasoline in the short term it’s hard to be completely eliminated.

  Two scientists separated by culture and micro-organisms can be effective conversion of biomass to ethanol, 1-butanol, and bio-fuels like octane, may be able to resolve the energy crisis to a certain extent.

  Of course, we all know, however, that oil prices will still remain high in many places, such as … … You know how.

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Breaking down communication barriers sign language translation system based


  Sign language is the connection between deaf, hearing-impaired and normal bridge, to a large extent, this visual language for the world is a bridge. However, a problem has to be, if you are working both sides of the exchange of information, one cannot understand the language the message, then how should I do it? iPhone 6 leather

  At present, the United States Texas a and m University researchers are looking for solutions that can solve this communication gap. It is understood from the University telemedicine technologies and systems Center Roozbeh Jafari, an associate professor of biomedical engineering is developing a new type of precision tools can easily understand sign language.

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  Roozbeh Jafari, Professor of the results of this research to the deaf, hearing-impaired and normal communication between a very far-reaching impact, it will change our sign language based on hand, muscles and the language attitudes of the movement.

Breaking down communication barriers: sign language translation system based on sensor

  Although the sign language translation system has no formal name, but this does not affect the utility of it. We know that it’s goals: to all people involved in sign-language dialogue to learn sign language to convey meaning, are lightweight and reliable than ever.

  Roozbeh Jafari said, currently able to achieve automatic translation system for sign languages and few, he is perfect for new technology and equipment, the most prominent feature is the camera added. He said: “the whole system is basically rivals as action through camera tracking. ”

  Cameras can be traced to this sign language translation system of sign language into text, but the camera detects are fairly precise gestures, for the not-so-standard gesture could lead to errors in translation, it becomes difficult to communicate on both sides.

  If you continue to use the camera technology, you need to use to carry a tracking camera that can move around, it is clear that this is not an easy thing. So, Professor Roozbeh Jafari to give up a camera instead of using external sensors and wearable muscles tracking sensors, thus creating a new kind of sign language translation system.

  He said: “all the sensors are based on EMG technology, which can detect electric signals from the motor neuron transmission to muscle, and then convert these signals to the computer and the expert can understand values. ”

  It is understood that the research team has successfully produced concept prototype can effectively translate sign language, their next step is to improve the sensitivity and accuracy of equipment. Now, every time the wearer to wear prototypes need to be very careful, a device worn on the exact location.

  In addition, this sign language translation system can recognize individual words, but Word and pause between words. Researchers ‘ ultimate goal is to enable the system to translate all of them detected sign language phrases and sentences, for communication between deaf, hearing-impaired and normal to look more natural. iPhone 6 leather cases

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Why we are using castrated cell phone


Recently, my mind always wanders a melody: you know that you know that my cell phone was castrated do you know do you know my phone be castrated! Maybe remind me, write the phone to castrate this thing, right?

“Castrated” phone first began in Wapi times, early “Wifi castration”, caused a small stir. Year for consideration of national communications security support independently developed the Wapi in China (the Chinese version of Wifi), foreign mobile phones in China must be removed Wifi module, resulting in a certain degree of functional defects, netizens have an effect called “castration”.

With the popularity of Wifi, “castrated” seems to have become a historical concept, is mentioned again in 2014, my Apple 5S into China for the first time using the standard castration in customized handset market described mobile phone format compatibility is considered surgically removed, has caused another round of controversy! In fact, from the early years of “Wifi castration” different formats after castration phone isn’t easy to detect in daily use, but this led to the user being “castrated” will not be able to use other operator’s SIM card on the phone, get number for mobile phones, consumer choice by the constraint.

What is castration? What do you mean if I ask really castrate, Baidu search out of the frightening. Especially for small dogs, cats, and even a history of eunuchs, or what, so ask friends what do you mean not really castrate you must understand. Castration is a metaphor, not seriously.

Recently, the domestic mobile phone crazy, have made 5 die 10-channel, 7 die 18 frequency, or 7 modulo 20 concepts, behind the goal was simply trying to explain their functions support three carriers of various types of 2G/3G/4G network, in other words, description: my cell phone has not been castrated!

If say castration is going on the phone it is necessary to understand what is mold? What is the frequency?

Phone meaning model of castration is not complete or incomplete.

It is easy to understand! To understand the definitions.

First, what is the mode?

“Die” is phone of network standard, like a paragraph support 7 species network mode of Unicom contracts machine on including has GSM/EDGE (China Unicom and mobile of 2G network), and CDMA1x (China Telecom of 2G network), and EV-DO (China Telecom of 3G network), and WCDMA (China Unicom of 3G network), and TD-SCDMA (China Mobile of 3G network), and TD-LTE (mobile 4G network) and FDD-LTE (Unicom telecommunications 4G network).

It is important to note, the three operators of the current model status:

China Mobile

China Mobile is the largest user base of telecommunications operators, in the 2G era has huge advantage. But 3G times by failing to use international WCDMA suffer total defeat. TD-SCDMA backwardness, China Mobile is directly from the 2G to the 4G age. 4G moves is relying on its strong user base of sting. Now move 2G in GSM,3G TD-SCDMA,4G in a TD-LTE format.

China Unicom Incipio iPhone 6 Plus

In the 3G era, China Unicom was the most rapid development, success in competing for customers. FDD official granting of the licence let Unicom also stepped up again. In terms of network, 2G network of China Unicom and China Mobile are the same with GPRS and EDGE network, 3G network standard for WCDMA, and adopted in the 4G TD-LTE/FDD-LTE double 4G combination of hybrid networking.

China Telecom

Three operators of China Telecom has been slightly awkward, neither does not fire, but in the absolute number of users is still to be reckoned with, FDD obtained licence together with Unicom Telecom to occupy a certain advantage. In terms of network, China Telecom 2G network using CDMA1X network and 3G network using the CDMA2000,4G network with Unicom, are TD-LTE, FDD-LTE mixed network, dominated by FDD-LTE.

Simply put, it is because operators of the “model” is different, was responsible for the status of castration!

Why did in the 2G era, cell phones are not neutered?

Because the 2G age differences is not clear, GSM mobile and China Unicom are in development, China Telecom does not move at all, beginning of period net so 2G network standard almost never require users to worry about. 3G times, the diversity of standards caused big trouble for users and operators, when three carriers with standard, warlords divided China Mobile is operated by China’s self-developed TD-SCDMA, WCDMA Unicom international passage, China Telecom CDMA2000.

Varies greatly between the different, incompatible and castration. Results of castration is the basic means for operators to change the handset, users select your carrier and future network takes a greater cost.

Second, what is the frequency?

Network mode frequency, refer to each network band to a different, countries are divided into several different frequencies, so that they run on different frequencies, without interfering with each other. Generally speaking, like radios, tuned to different frequency is different.

Mobile phone networks as well as different bands of the radio, operating on different frequencies. Here are 2G, 3G, 4G, supported by different frequency bands. In particular:

1, 2G network


2, 3G network (WCDMA/TD)

WCDMA2100MHz/1900MHz/850MHz (China Unicom, 3G); Incipio iPhone 6 Case

TD-SCDMA1880-1920MHz/2010-2025MHz (mobile 3G);

CDMA20001920-1935MHz/2110-2125MHz (China Telecom 3G).

3, 4G network

TDD-LTE:1900MHz/2300MHz/2600MHz (mobile 4G);

LTEFDD:1800MHz/2600MHz (China Unicom and China Telecom, 4G).

Phone supports the frequencies, the more and more supported network, mobile phone roaming, the better.

As a simple example, such as 4G, run 1900MHz on this frequency in China, when the phone is roaming to the United States when, you may need to run on 2200MHz, to France and you may need to run 1800MHz on this frequency. Phone support for multiple frequency is very important. Otherwise, if China Mobile phone export to foreign countries if local network systems is not supported and that is a big problem. Simply put:

Band castration and castration.

4G era will also be neutered?

Answer is theoretically not castrated, but inertia will cut a knife. Know it used to be die-cut on two knives, cutting on the band twice! Progress, get less at least three knives! Because the 4G system there is no longer a great divide between, though still the difference of LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD duplex, compared the difference of 3G has been a lot of small, hardly constitute a selection doubt for users or net cost increase.

Thus, using a multiple model 4G can sweep the three operators ‘ networks.

So here’s the thing, castration technique which home?

Moved due to FDD has yet to license, has not provided a full CNC cell phone, so the current implementation is a custom scale, launch 5 die ten, terminology is complex, again again do not understand the explanation.

Custom simply means that he can only use mobile 4G, 3G networks, can only support the mobile band, then simply can only moved the number, need special cards. Therefore, the contract for China Mobile currently supports only GSM, TD-SCDMA, and TD-LTE of the three formats, has castrated three knives.

Unicom contract are double 4G Netcom, not castrated one knife. Due to hardware differences between China Telecom and China Unicom version not in practical use still has a slightly different, might only castrated up one size.

See here, there must be someone out: your kid moving black! I did not say that castration is not good, going to Thailand, saw several beauty in the convenience store, very nice! People are also good, good live!

To write so much, in fact, would like to ask you a question: do you want to buy an emasculated phone?

“The author” 4G of China, telecommunications industry analyst, Erik core experts, app: 3G (china_3g) micro blog: China 4G


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Samsung Galaxy Note4

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Samsung Galaxy Note4

Throughout the mainstream of high-end mobile processors, is basically a Krait of Qualcomm and ARM Cortex-A15 two, along with Galaxy Note4 to market, Samsung also brought us the first Cortex-A57 Exynos 5433 schema processors, today we have is to use the Hong Kong version of the SoC Galaxy Note4.

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If the game does not know if China can qualify


  All along, most people feel anxious and Kinky sports is probably the Chinese football. Small series being a senior fan for so many years has been quietly backing, even if soccer success worse has not been sprayed on the Internet was a fan of the conscience of the industry! But most of the time, see football again and again in various strange reasons of time, is a kind of anger its indisputable feeling. Hello Kitty iphone 6 plus cases Hello Kitty iphone 6 plus

  And not long ago, when Toyota had organized a football match, sometimes small wonder if playing in this way, China could increase some hope of it? That’s right, since it is Toyota’s organization, then nature is to play with the car.

Hello Kitty iphone 6 plus cases

If the game does not know if China can qualify

  As for Toyota, they aim high rather than to who play the game as simple as that, but to show that Toyota’s good operating performance, and test all the sensors system flexibility. Although rumours Japanese car quality is more urgent, impact resistance than American cars and German cars. But if getting very superior action reducing the probability of collisions, they can prevent the occurrence of accidents to a great extent. This time, Toyota is shown by such means they owned the car that features.

  We digressed back to football. Small series of vaguely remember, a few years ago, seems to have robot World Cup soccer games, the Chinese team took the Championship. Therefore, if you use this method to play, looks like the Chinese team did not dream of winning!

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Intelligent watches that sells computers HP now wants to lead the world


Intelligent watches that sells computers, HP now wants to lead the world?

  Yesterday, Hewlett Packard (HP) and the world’s fifth-largest watchmaker Titan in India has unveiled the second smart watch.

  If you regularly read tech news coverage, should pay attention to, in a few days ago, Hewlett Packard and Switzerland watchmaking manufacturers Movado (Movado) launch a smart watch.

  Titan is the second HP Engineered by participating in cooperation projects of the watch brand, and the so-called “Engineered by” actually watch is the watch manufacturer production of machinery parts, HP provides a technical support, adding some smart features to the original mechanical watches, such as pedometers, connected with a mobile phone to receive notifications, and so on. Paul Frank iPad Air Case

Paul Frank iPad Air Case

  If the analog mobile phone industry, HP play the actual role is similar to MTK, to those who didn’t experience in the field of electronic technology to open a door. Paul Frank iPad Air Case

  Benefits of doing it goes without saying that lack of HP’s brand appeal, few people will buy a computer maker logo watch, pulling other watch manufacturers face, they feel at ease to do what technology will do.

  The two watch manufacturers to cooperate with HP is not very big brands and their products are concentrated within the million, which means the Apple Watch,moto360, even the Withings these startups impact area, if you have the same, hard to say without being replaced.

  Engineered by HP in the initial state, many low-end watch manufacturers, prospects seem to be able to see a little hope, but can save themselves, Engineered by platform in the future to see the influence they have, in a powerful front of apples and a variety of newer Android watches, Hewlett-Packard needed more convincing. After all, we don’t want to see webOS tragedy staged again.

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