Heart robot is available it can read your intentions


  In recent years, the robot began to come into our lives, they begin to engage in our work, driving our cars, they could soon be waging war against us. The good news is, they can’t read our minds. However, even this robot can do. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  The current, from United States Biological Engineering Division have developed a so-called “spiritual robots”, which according to data algorithms predict what human beings will do next. Of course, the software does not really understand the human mind, we can rest assured that.

Heart robot is available: it can read your intentions

  According to the report, the robot was able to predict our actions, because it can be calculated in accordance with our previous activities our intentions, even if a particular action is interrupted. For example, if you want to reach out and take things off your desk, but your hand is stopped by an unexpected obstacle on the desktop. At this time, others can guess your aim and trajectory, but the robot can do it?

  To test the theory, researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago conducted related experiments on this scene. In the course of experimental, they are by human hands to catch things on the desktop this process tracking and analysis, and use of force of this process was a relatively interference.

  Researchers have developed an advanced algorithm, it can be calculated like a human hand had intended to reach the destination. Essentially, this is after a previous activity based prediction of physical actions and intentions of the software. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  If you think about the application of this technology into the real world after impact, you will definitely feel it is so impressive. For example, semi-automated car can be observed by the driver before driving to avoid accidents.

YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  The study’s first author Justin Horowitz said: “If the car is turning because of the ice, so we hope that the car will know that we originally wanted to go to destinations where it is. “It needs to modify the route of the car, and then go to the advance of human destination, instead of the current direction of the car.

  In addition, the sensor makes it has a computer process information much faster than humans, if the car knows the human intention, you can automatically run. But it needed to analyze the movement of the wheel, which is the driver’s intentions are clear, which is a response to environmental change.

  In theory, its field of application is very wide, such as humans the prediction algorithms can be applied to the field of intelligent prostheses, if the algorithm is able to know in advance the patient’s intentions, you can help reduce the shaking of the body.

  Justin Horowitz said: “we call heart robot. Known forms of human movement and obstruction, it will be able to understand the potential of human intentions. This means that we can use this algorithm to design some of the machines, and used to correct the car corners to help reduce spasticity in patients with stroke. ”

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Live on your knees or standing dead Tell your Segway life after being acquired


In November 2001, the Segway’s father, Dean Kamen officially changed company name to Segway.LLC;

November 2008-Segway CTO Doug Field is removed by jobs as Apple’s Vice President of industrial design

December 24, 2009, Segway is United Kingdom entrepreneurs Jimi Heselden acquisitions;

September 28, 2010 Heselden, ride the Segway accident falling off a cliff fell into the River were killed;

On February 28, 2013, Segway Segway company acquired by SSI;

On April 15, 2015, the Segway was purchased by Ninebot in China.

Incipio iPhone 6 Plus


Dang small series include out Segway of these past resume, only found recently of once acquisition has not Segway first times “was sold”, this had was Qiao Bang main as “next generation transport” of things, because founder Dean Kamen Edison as of invention traits, in it established of early on application has many patent protection, let its has been partial content North America; also because products positioning, and road right using, reality factors, has been not vex not fire, until this once was Ninebot acquisition.

But after the Segway is acquired, how to face the new owners Ninebot; how to deal with Sequoia, millet, Shun, Huashan these investors? Perhaps we can learn from Lei feng’s network of one of the parties, Ninebot Wang, co-founder of the recent interview to find some clues.

To dream and purchased

In launches after didn’t long, Huashan capital implementation Director from strategy angle wrote has a article fast fish eat slow fish Ninebot by what acquisition Segway of merger process articles, which talked about has Ninebot and Segway CEO Roger Brown there importuning Hou reached acquisition of many details, everyone can to turned to detailed a see, but except importuning this killer, Ninebot joint founder iono said also has following these factors.

“Segway was acquisition Qian actually is in is smooth of State, it annual probably 10%-20% of growth, in Western for, mature Enterprise has 10%-20% of growth actually not is poor, profit also many, they live to is moist of, so a began other does not wants to sold, but we to has a is good of Promise, is we can through complementary to a better of future. ”

Remember, Ma said, not technology that changed the world, but the technology behind the dream, likewise, two equally good technology companies, this Promise is also about dreams

“The Segway is a commercial brand of civil-Ninebot is a brand, a 2B, a 2C, we’re exactly complementary.

In addition, the Segway advantages of global regions in North America and Australia, as well as the Middle East, and our strength in the Asia-Pacific and Europe, between the two are complementary, if combined be imponderable effect.

Finally, the patent problem is known, before North America because of patent problems, balance of domestic cars are not sold with much fanfare, after the acquisition, as the outside world guessing it, we will take a Segway patent advantage quickly opens the North American market. ” Incipio iPhone 6 Plus

Will be licensed to other manufacturers getting royalties? Small series of the opportunity to cross-examine.

“Currently there are no plans, but don’t mess with us, we give you, kill you, huh,” Wang said half joking and half serious.

Live on your knees or standing dead? Tell your Segway life after being acquired

Help the local capital for sale

Due to their participation in the acquisition of capital are some of the top VCs, small wonder how did Daniel get together, asked iono why, but don’t want to make a “big” secret.

“Sequoia Capital is not a lack of money, they also want them to vote to become the industry’s global leader of enterprise, and acquisition of Segway for us, is a quickly becoming the globally and accelerate action, Sequoia visions of hope will come true.

In balancing the car industry, if considered in the a-share market, we cannot tell you, but in us or Hong Kong stocks listed, may be foreign investors, IP (patents and other intellectual property risk) are indespensible for a Bank, but after the purchase of Segway is actually tantamount to let IP in the future, no intellectual property defects, so investors are assured. ”

Small series see the subtext of this passage is: VCs are willing to give you money, is because I can see you after making certain moves, at the time of public release, basically no obstacles, which allows them to quit with the listing likely to increase business success, so as to achieve the objective of money.

And millet, and Shun for, and Huashan capital of intervention, iono said is such of reasons “millet side is for strategy investment of relationship, Shun for Fund we big can put it as a a only General of Fund, Huashan capital there is is because some opportunity coincidence, they also for we introduced has some abroad claims,, everyone in interests pursuit Shang is as of, such on poly to with has”.

Their young boss Ninebot management

Live on your knees or standing dead? Tell your Segway life after being acquired

A lot of people are curious about a problem, after the company was acquired, new owners how to manage? Executive Director of the mountain above the capital was specifically mentioned in the text before “in order to ensure the acquisition of Segway’s core management stability and growth, both sides agreed on the Segway’s core management bonuses and retention and incentive plans tied to the performance of” Xiao bian asked iono how to address this critical problem?

“Coming together, we have many people in the United States experience, experience in four, in Google’s experience, experience in Silicon Valley, so to speak, now the main problem is not Chinese and American cultural differences, but the age difference. In view of the average age at about 30 of us, Segway with a mean age of 45-50 years or so, we should give them a shout predecessors; but in business, somehow, they were 10 years ago, that kind of thinking, in this context, we need to run. ”

Exactly how to run it? –“Should not only respect the Segway team glory and history of the industry, but also did some pioneering work, so they have added new vitality to this, we might merge channels and jointly develop new products to run, because the two teams work together to develop new products is actually a very exciting thing. ”

Reached a crucial channel for mergers, Wang industry chains give us an example.

“If a new product, both in the chain there’s room for more optimization, because Segway 70% supply of raw materials by the Chinese, in fact there is lots of room to optimize its supply chain, and reduce the price, lower quality of optimization.

After the acquisition, we will do a merge of both existing supply chain, for example, the same quality suppliers, you give the order is 10,000 or 100,000, its price is definitely not the same, so we acquired purpose from the beginning can achieve. ”

Good riddance of Segway

Recall Qiao Bang master was alive on the recommendation of the father of the Segway, “this market is too big, with its production and sales of a company than patents company authorized, each car only $ 100, can still make a $ 50 billion business.”

But he certainly not thought Segway in to commercial market of when encountered so more resistance, positioning of problem, and second any boss was fell died of negative effect, and frequently was sold of unrest, most key of, real not practical of problem, one industry people had told Lei Feng network “Segway sold has so years, not price of problem, but not practical of problem, Tesla so your short time also than it volume big”.

Small series think, although Segway no reached Qiao Bang main initially of dream, but this Seaway was acquisition, instead may is good, a exotic national of huge market potential, a blood enterprise of joined, if can let Segway of value 100% was using, and addition a Enterprise fissile out a paragraph new of, and real of, and iPhone as of consumption level products, that Segway even is found has best of home.

Conversely, if the Segway as a motorcycle, the Google income and then sold to Lenovo, that’s its sadness.


Live on your knees or standing dead? Tell your Segway life after being acquired
Live on your knees or standing dead? Tell your Segway life after being acquired

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Moto 360

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Moto 360

MOTO 360 since launch attracted the attention of many, not only because it is a member of Android Wear starting, but also because of its retro and sophisticated appearance design and excellent workmanship. Good design also makes it standout in the ranks of smart watches.

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Evolution and prospect of mobile credit card


Mobile phone card is like a newly emerged information technology industry, its law more in line with traditional industries–Terminal sales is King, customer is King. Dolce Gabbana Cases

In terms of hardware, there are a lot of manufacturers can customize the card reader, grades and more variety. Because the card reader hardware is not difficult, just press the code reads a string of numbers, and this digital output out can. In other words, any individuals and businesses are to stabilize the capacity to produce mobile card reader.

In the software, such as the box cover only “full pay” payment of a mobile terminal, which is an interface problem. In fact, most developers have the ability to legally access an open payment platform, thus becoming a mobile payment service providers. Needless to say they have to pay licence and payment of enterprise.

Dolce Gabbana iPhone Cases

Clear enough if the phone card service market and income is bright, so a large number of both traditional and Internet businesses would have stepped in.

So where is the mobile credit card of the future?

Evolution and prospect of mobile credit card

Describes phone card reader picture, in fact, is able to explain the positioning of mobile card reader–connect to your mobile device and your bank account. Bank card or card reader, in the final analysis is the key. This key lets users right to use part of the funds in the bank transfer to the mobile device over a wireless network “account”.

Each mobile device has an original account that is set by the operator’s charge account. In fact, in addition to various service providers can also be based on the phone number or device hardware, or is not based on anything, and allows the user to set up mobile accounts and operations.

For the purposes of these accounts, in the problem to be solved is how to play money and how to deduct money from the inside. The problem, technical difficulty is not high, the hardest part is BD. Need sufficient access permission and credits, used extensively to such accounts, which is useful to the user of the account, the user this account can only be integrated into their day-to-day cash flow.

From this point of view, phone card service, is one of the most rigorous financial services and Internet operating platform. This requires, for most of China’s private enterprises, are difficult to achieve. Startups such as boxes, or simply build its own retail network, which means to burn money day is still long, need to grow a lot.

When the “phone + card reader” can manage the network and reality all your payment needs, then operating as a service company, will go beyond the current VISA and MasterCard–Yes, PayPal is so, so want to Square, but Apple and Google are not necessarily unable to grab a portion, or there are other young Internet opportunity.

While in China, while UnionPay sees the field, but who are on the rise in this area, was not known.


iPhone 6 Plus

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iPhone 6 Plus

IPhone 6 Plus is the screen since Apple is the largest mobile phone products.
IPhone 6 Plus HD has a 5.5-inch retina display, a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, is iPhone 5S 185%.
7.1 mm thickness to thin more than iPhone 5S. IPhone 6 Plus a new feature, called “reachability” to complete one-handed operation of large screen phones: double-click the home health, the main interface will fell from the top of the screen, so that users can touch interface to the top without hands. Overall, the iPhone 6 Plus is a bit like a smaller version of the iPad mini.

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My Alibaba is new CEO Peng Lei


My Alibaba is new CEO Peng Lei

News of the resignation of Jack Ma, Alibaba CEO out, is in a meeting, at which colleagues ask, who received the company’s position, I blurted out: Sun Tong-Yu. M & M’S iPhone 5 Case

Alibaba although layout Grand, potential more, but Frank of said, this two years actually behind has, has paid treasure licence changed hands and Yahoo equity disputes brings of external, but internal also is because internal lack innovation business of strong leader, MA although gas field powerful, people ghost not fear, but is not business cadres origin, play play Alibaba internal of Parallels Pro, to open Xinjiang extension soil, really non-old horse Director.

Must admit is that talent in the company, but the lack of is also an indisputable fact that, figuratively, our party will come on, but only one of Lin Biao.

Alibaba is the Lin Biao Sun Tong-Yu.

Another theory is that niangengyao Sun Tong-Yu is Alibaba. Lin Biao, niangengyao, off only one high Lord, passive game.

M & M'S iPhone 5 Case

Sun Tong-Yu’s elimination, version number, and an integrated version is, Sun Tong-Yu was winning on the eve of being informed with HR work in Ali’s wife said to be scored, Sun Tong Yu not to make things difficult, but innocent II as his wife thought, Sun Tong Yu suddenly, divorced from his wife.

However, after careful thought, Sun Tong Yu return is highly unlikely, although we have to watch the episode, but for so many years, return to the helm of the company he founded is Lei back to Golden Hill case. Lei and the Golden Hill case is too special to sum old mine between the armed forces of many years with bump, but two personalities are not so cutting edge, not to the incompatibility between Ma and Sun Tong Yu. Ask Ray to break up this years old find continued inaction, Lei are hidden back at a rapid pace, the Midas touch. In contrast, Sun Tong Yu left the company in recent years, there is no bright colors, and the only example of the Ma, not really back. Therefore, although after 2012 Sun Tong Yu often appear in Alibaba the dominant fact in the Office support, Sun Tong-Yu back to Alibaba took over as CEO, it is just too hard.

So, since there is no Sun Tong Yu-year veteran return, then, is it possible that the external? This possibility is also minimal, Guan Mingyu and Wei benchmark set, Ye Peng was only a subordinate Group’s CEO, to find a more prominent than these professional managers is known, can also win CEO airborne seems to Bezos, but this possible?

Sun Tong Yu return to hopeless, employ outside Bezos also make, well, only one way, that is, promote from within.

My Alibaba is new CEO Peng Lei

I agree with Lei Feng network, a judge, even if hiring from within, and is 9 under the Group’s CEO. Said that is not to say that? My answer is that Peng Lei.

Peng Lei who is, please tell me your under Baidu, her title is now PayPal’s CEO and the Alibaba group in charge of the Vice President of HR.

Ma Yun the Dragon nine days, one question has no solution, that is why no PayPal and came in, as well as how to arrange Peng Lei. It’s easy to explain, is that Peng Lei when Alibaba CEO, PayPal cartridge not Peng Lei can be reported.

Readers will say, do not to inform Ali no outsiders, let a woman as CEO, genius that, had severe patriarchal tendencies.

Most importantly, each entrepreneur has her, Sun yafang to ren zhengfei, Ms Mary MA to Liu, du Hong to Chao, Liu Weizhi into Shi Yuzhu.

Ma she was Peng Lei.

Isn’t it interesting, it’s actually very easy to understand, every Maoist entrepreneur needs sufficient authority, this is Maoist entrepreneurs to settle down, before Ma’s second number (not necessarily to the CEO title), is a personality has its own little 99 professional strongman, difficult and with the advance and retreat of the Ma, and to breathe, for a long time will make all kinds of friction. In this case, MA and other Maoist entrepreneurs would form such a consensus, I find a obedient and execution of women executives do their own chant, the second most.

Peng Lei, also endure a second character of this position, on the qualifications, Peng is also one of the 18 arhats, in terms of friendship, Peng early MA students, on the basis of ability, Ali’s HR and PR system on Ma’s support can be called great. Experience Alipay CEO Peng Lei muster up.

Peng Lei CEO, Jack Ma, is the best choice.

Ma this paragraph time of PR play have superb, first in CCTV annual characters elected party Shang and Wang set Xia blockbuster gamble, again is and hehe Chi to dream dialogue, then is accept fashion Mr interview for himself arguments, but regardless of how play, won Wei, and will yanlimin sent into prison, and paid treasure event Shang of tricks, are let Ma cannot wash himself body of infamy.

Resigned as CEO, make yourself disappear from the media and public life, his fame will begin an orderly plan to repeat, hanging and Jack Ma of Alibaba Chairman’s title.

The next two years, Alibaba will meet big challenge, wanted to make before listing a $ 60 billion dollars, the market capitalisation of the world’s top three Internet companies, Google didn’t do it, Facebook can only be felt, not completely. This matter, how big is the difficulty, to think for themselves.

If problems with Alibaba, the horse cloud speech or is willing? Instead, it is better to submit. Hold Ma hands on the initiative.

Meaning not only that, Wang ran said that Ma’s move is to let the media think 4 months here for 4 months, but Ma’s move is designed to let the media guessing 2 years 2 years below. Alibaba has the occurrence of big business, the organizational restructuring, are really let subordinates of generals who run. Although it is unlikely to achieve the desired, may not be a permanent cure, but how much a certain effect, Alibaba CEO, after all, the temptation is very great. If no one can come out, he can also back. M & M’S iPhone 5 Case

Think LIU Chuanzhi, Lenovo’s retreat, 20 years younger than Mr Liu Ma, in fact, can be modelled on Mr Liu, every time, are actually a step further.

Peng Lei, can actually go back to PayPal when the CEO or Chairman, Peng Lei now PayPal the vacated positions, following Wang shuai.

In fact, nothing is fine, in this position, do less to do more, do less than not do it. If you allow this, then congratulations, MA think so, too. You and St Cloud as future generations.


HTC One M8

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HTC One M8

HTC One (M8) is Taiwan mobile phone company HTC 2014 development of next-generation smartphones, belonging to the HTC advanced flagship models in One series, on March 25, 2014 by HTC Chairman Cher Wang and Peter Chou, Chief Executive of London and United States synchronized New York published. Powered by Android 4.4.2 operating system, HTC Sense6 user interface. Duo twin lens cameras provides photo back focus function.

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Smart TV by 2013 no intelligence only TV


Two years ago, the Godfather (when there are no official titles) let me write the year 2012 summary of intelligent television, I do not know the meaning of godfather, young criticized the smart TVs are a meal. Early last month the Godfather again draft, not shelves, it is ashamed to write.

Well, Yes, it’s too ashamed.

Internal release now from the year before, but two weeks of development and streamlining, a small group of friends to try. Of course, people know where by Convention No. 001. Machines dragged on for a year, articles are only for one year to equal treatment.

No surprises, only scare

Just to finish, turn 2012 into 2013, many text was established. In 2013, no surprise, families of television or the television. If you really want to say, on May 7 that “subversion” is “subversion”. When I walk on the site preparation with no highlights, suddenly heard 6999 the price even lower than the anticipated lower limit before 1000, only quietly sent a text message to partners: you come on.

Then there is wave after wave of prices as “subversion”. In August, the millet TV 47 inch only 2999; in September, TCL and aiqi-I TV+ 48-inch also 2999. Ali with force, helped Skyworth launch lower 1999 42-inch TV and 4999 58 inch Haier Commander … …

Is the music of rural-urban fringe of electronics stores pace?

If you surprised or not surprised, anyway, I was scared.

No innovation, just get together

If this group of 999 don’t scare you, there is another group of boxes probably do. So far, I know Internet video players, and upstarts like millet, without his own box, the famous no name, not to mention with Zhou and Skyworth Digital’s old set-top box manufacturers. If it’s not too much, double 11 and 12 classes that carry “aliyun” “small brand” boxes, in addition to turf, ignorant, I haven’t seen this battle.

But so many boxes, TV, out of which one do you remember?

No value, only the price

Read millet September 5 launch event on television that some probably can remember three factors: screen size (47 inches), better screen (IPS), low price (2999), but may also have a high throughput core (although it is not known how publicity). I wonder if this is “the Internet thought” millet or it wants to overthrow the traditional manufacturers. In addition to the traditional manufacturers to keep chasing these three points, and did not find anything interesting. Try a minute later, but gave up the interface and five-button remote control doesn’t work. There brand of intelligent applications, how to say, can only think of the popular Nokia snake year.

Of course, price as a “universal experience” thing, of course, is very important. If you’ve ever bought a machine price, can now buy two, the Godfather is sure nice. Just when when you want to buy the iPhone, give me ten phone can play the old Nokia snake, what can I say it? Girl how much you app?

No technology, only marketing

Good marketing, Nokia has also sold well.

GUCCI iPad Mini Cases

Millet of the Internet makes everyone hungry applauded, then “suddenly one night an aphrodisiac, qianjiawan online sells”. As if as long as the line out to line up, will have thought of the Internet. All Internet video sites will be “hard” to “soft combination”, everyone started discussing a guest.

This stop, fight experience I these people, but these gimmicks really do not know, and mention of technology was scornful: “as long as the content is OK, what kind of technology? “Yes, domestic Web sites are copyright, are tailor-made drama, are buying bandwidth, plus the major players are resorting to, got to tell dad where there’s no time figuring out technology where it is.

But this time I used a video site that does not exist, find title there for a minute, but it is not annoying, and there was a button to skip ads. Say no surprise, surprise and fear is I hardly use this function to skip ads, I have read almost all advertising, some still relive it again. When technology is great to have enough confidence, when data-rich enough to the audience to understand when ads when you want to provide users with valuable content all the time, some friends told me that technology really is not important.

Not to say video aggregation services have sprung up.

Smart TV by 2013: no intelligence, only TV

Of course, Netflix should finance this thing in the House of cards, still let the music as it represents the domestic video websites help, finally is not fake.

No predictions, only repeated

Projections for 2014 to lizi is said to have left her face, this I will not be involved in.


Who knew Apple would new TV equipment (such as was Apple TV, 4K)?

Who knows what her stepmother millet TV mother will not be hurt?

Ali, who know what Ali will get a major league or something?

Who know if licence will become more and more like a decoration, manufacturer owner, do not use the West?

Anyone know if Xbox will suddenly become smart TV devices?

Who knows whether there are more appropriate than the LCD display device?

Who knows how many developers are in a wait-and-see (or join the TV application development angrily smashed screen)?

Who knew broadcasting


Oh, forgot the omniscient fathers.

Microsoft Surface 3

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Microsoft Surface 3 gucci mini

New atom performance ARM processors have and top closer, but are worse and the mainstream core of the series by a mile, but taking into account the thermal power of 14W and 2W gap, which is understandable. Use it for routine minor Office enough and finally surface series can also run X86 program! Said performance flaw, is that it does not use the SSD, and broken eggs eMMC 4.5, which even with the eMMc 5.0 modern Android flagship.

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2016 when to charge a Tesla Model s on fire


2016 when to charge a Tesla Model s on fire

  On January 1, 2016, a Tesla Model s in Norway when a Super charging stations, and burst into flames.

  F æ drelandsvennen, according to foreign media reports that Tesla is charging in the charging station caught fire, but caused no casualties. Local firefighters use special chemical foam to extinguish burning lithium-ion battery. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

  Reddit users believe that charging station was a temporary charge station, Norway’s extreme cold weather may be the cause of accidents.

  In the past two years, Tesla Model s many fires. On October 1, 2013, a Tesla Model s in United States Seattle South of spontaneous combustion in road on October 18, 2013, and a Model s in Mexico tells crash and burst into flames on November 7, 2013, United States, Tennessee, a Model s but also in spontaneous combustion; on November 15 of that year, United States residents of Orange County, California garage, a fire Model s battery charger overheating.

  Early February 2014, on July 4, two Model s respectively in Canada told residents of Toronto garage, Los Angeles fire, but was not released.

  Tesla fire accident, Tesla CEO Elon Musk refers had such a set of data: United States has 150,000 cars a year on fire, Americans drove 3 trillion miles a year, one in every 20 million mile car caught fire. Tesla has a total driving range of 100 million miles, and the first fire, fuel car Tesla 5 times times the probability of fire, Tess to fires occurs 6 times, the probability of fire and fuels were flat.

  However, so far, China has not been Tesla fires. Moschino S4 Case

Moschino Galaxy S4 Case

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