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In 2011 and 2012, mobile power industries have been developing rapidly, mobile power has also become a merchant in the eyes of the “meat and potatoes”. Only in the Canton and Shenzhen, do their own brand of mobile power supply manufacturers have more than 2000 enterprises, there are countless small-scale and cottage plants. In all major digital stores and online store, we can see a wide variety of mobile power, the price gap is very large. For most firms, especially micro and small companies, in order to profit in this competitive market, had to use some of the not so glamorous resort. Michael Kors iPad Case

Tool: virtual volumes

With a capacity for mobile power 5000mAh, for example, better brand mobile power price at around 200 Yuan, but inside, we see a so-called 30000mAh mobile power, package mail price of only 125. This power-why so cheap?

The reason is simple, businesses take advantage of the consumers themselves. Compare and haggle over every penny of the cost control, virtual volume not only simple and proven, consumers themselves are businessmen thinking through. So-called virtual electricity was originally only 3000mAh products labeled 5000mAh, just as in the battle of Red Cliff, Cao Cao, which claims 800,000 troops, and only knows the actual number (after historians to research, when Cao Cao have 200,000 troops), but as long as the overbearing, magnificent enough to spook, less knowledgeable consumers will pay for it.

Above 125 30000mAh power supply for example, evaluation found the user to recharge the 1750mAh phone 3 times without electricity, the deficiency rate than 200%. In famous IT media, the computer journal, microcomputers and other mobile power test, some brands of mobile power products there is deficiency problems-volume deficiency has become the rule in the industry.

Mobile power capacity deficiency like the tamper with hawkers selling fruit on the scales, but due to “capacity” is an invisible and intangible things and, therefore, more subtle and deceptive. I can only say that see the kind of ridiculously low prices, ridiculously high capacity mobile power, yigexinyan, think don’t really have such a good thing under the Sun?

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GoPro Hero4 Black

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GoPro Hero4 Black

GoPro Hero4 a completely “upgraded”, finally won the 30fps in 4K under the resolution of standard definition, can really take 4K HD movies. 2.7K resolution and to support the 50fps smooth quality; in the most commonly used format to 1080p, GoPro Hero4 boldly open up 120fps.

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