Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

iPhone Case

As the Internet phone of the forces nouvelles, large Coke phones received some attention from day 1. Recently launched Coca Cola phone 2 compared with the previous generation, and product positioning improved a lot, it and how does it improve? We start with the machine to find out.

From the packaging, big Cola phone 2 is simple, white packaging is only a red logo


Back information stickers


Accessories are also compared with conventional, post comes with a film, but did not attach a headset


AC adapter current draw only 1 a, is still a little too small for large-capacity mobile phone


Mobile front no sign


Large Coke Mobile 2 uses a 5.3-inch 720P screen, we took a 5.5-inch screen Optimus g Pro by way of comparison, both the size of the gaps


Receiver distance sensors and light sensors on the right, the far right has a 3 million pixel camera


Below is on the front of three touch-sensitive keys, function returns, respectively, home and menu


Used piano paint design on the back, very smooth surface


13 million pixels camera is currently popular, is directly below the Flash and noise microphone


Logo below to whole cell phones played a key role, and the speaker settings in the lower left corner


Is microUSB interface and 3.5mm interface at the top of the fuselage, as can be seen from this angle, the camera has some outstanding


The fuselage is on the left side volume keys


Right side of the fuselage is the starting


Fuselage right corner there is a Groove, you can easily open the back cover


Large Coke phone 2 and the first generation of removable, as is the back cover, also supports the WCDMA/GSM dual SIM card dual standby and TF card expansion, batteries can be removed virtual reality glasses

  virtual reality glasses

Battery capacity is 3000mAh


Performance and system performance on large Coke, please continue to pay attention to our articles.


Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine


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Red Note 3

For red rice Note 3 this new paragraph, rice stressed that this is their first full metal phone, of course it is also owned by millet’s first to provide fingerprint identification phone. Red Note 3 gray, silver and gold three optional, millet official stressed that the use of new technology, so that its metal shell fit right in, and in order to guarantee great texture, designed to use the arc-shaped edge, 120th double blast of sand material.

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virtual reality glasses


Merger or a foregone conclusion to the last drop both for 52 48 per cent share


Merger or a foregone conclusion to the last drop, both for 52:48 per cent share

Pictures from news.autov.com.CN

Spread the hot drops and fast merge messages just there has been substantive progress. About half an hour ago, Tencent’s business post said “China’s two largest taxi company drops by taxi taxi merged with the fastest taxi will be announced before the lunar new year, starting this week … … After the merger of the joint venture company, equity ratio of the two is actually 52% 48% “.

Valentino iPhone 6 plus cases

Before the media and the industry has also sent a similar message, but taking into account this latest financial report was written by Tencent (drop is one of the main employers Tencent) issued, detailed, very high reliability.

Tencent financial also mentioned in the article: merged drops and fast APP provides two micro-payments and PayPal, two pay channels, the new company’s management will take a taxi to drop team, Wei Cheng as the new CEO of the company; quickly cashed out most of its executive team. Valentino iPhone 6 plus cases

Fierce competition on both sides of the final ended in a result of the merger of earlier precedents, such as the video boss youku and second in the field of potatoes, field of electrical contractor (Tencent) trade quicker Inc Monrovia and East of Beijing. Earlier, well-known media King of volatilization of the oligarchs merge, detailed analysis of the rationality of the merger (interest can focus on the general public, “ItTalks” reading of the original).

Briefly speaking, oligarchs are of merged statement has several views: first, merged for drops drops and fast of both behind of employers are favourable, regardless of is prevail and downwind of, are can achieved himself of interests demands; second, strong joint, kill competition opponents–although now actually has no third home, but joint zhihou almost on can completely isolated has third home taxi software up of possibilities. Valentino iPhone 6s plus case

While Tencent financial article mentioned other reasons: after the merger can end to vicious competition in the subsidy situation (this user does not seem to be too good news), in addition to leasing companies can enhance their bargaining power.

Integration requires a lot of effort, but it seems that joint outweigh the disadvantages of the oligarchs. Capital of the push, before like that “the horse nods” is not easy.

Next few days ought to have more definite information release, Lei feng’s network will pay close attention to the progress of events.


Merger or a foregone conclusion to the last drop, both for 52:48 per cent share
Merger or a foregone conclusion to the last drop, both for 52:48 per cent share

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Xinjiang Phantom 3 Professional

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Xinjiang Phantom 3 Professional

We know that large parts of Xinjiang in the civilian UAV market but occupies a very large share of Xinjiang also continued to introduce new products, the most popular is the big frontier spirit series, today we want to share experience is the big frontier of the latest Elf 3 unmanned.

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Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

iPhone Case

Dark Wednesdays attack, Hai Tao Foundation of knowledge science

This year’s Black Friday but also to the equivalent to foreign “double 11” of the day, do not know if you have not tried to chop his hand products? Haitao with the word more and more close to our lives, I believe we were more or less tried scouring the sea experience, what you said no? Then look at the small series as we get some basics about Tao.

When suitable for sea Amoy

First of all is the key point of Haitao. Many products in foreign than domestic prices low, and that there are no domestic stuff for sale, are suitable for all year round. But now that put the effort into scouring the sea, must be hoping that discounts a lot, so when will the foreign promotional activities?

Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of November)

Dark Wednesdays attack, Hai Tao Foundation of knowledge science

Biggest promotion of the year will start in a month or so before Thanksgiving, when various businesses will be scrambling to launch is huge discounts, Black Friday is one of the highest peak of the familiar, after all, the first day it was opened over Thanksgiving. Five black Monday was called after Cyber Monday, or Cyber Monday, is also a peak promotions. Time, in 2015 this year Black Friday is the United States on November 27, Cyber Monday is the United States on November 30. In mind is the United States, and we have Jet lag. As most of the types of product discounts, and can start at any time see fit.

Christmas day (December 25) and new year’s day (January 1)

Dark Wednesdays attack, Hai Tao Foundation of knowledge science

Being abroad as “Spring Festival” Christmas will be big promotions, discount must have. To be honest, and domestic new year is similar, is the annual good time to shop. Continue into new year’s day, new year new flavor, will definitely buy something to reward their hard work. Because in conjunction with Christmas and Spring Festival shopping, Christmas gift, jewelry and toys, this type of large discount, students can take a look at this that we need.

Other festivals

Dark Wednesdays attack, Hai Tao Foundation of knowledge science

In addition to the two big festivals, usually with some festivals will also have related promotional activities. For example, Valentine’s day (February 14) with a Valentines theme, jewellery, perfumes, cosmetics, chocolates are the main promotional products Easter (March-April) before and after, there will be a comprehensive discount, we can pay more attention to; Halloween (November 1) that Halloween will promotional sweets, biscuits and clothes these festive products. There will from time to time promotions, we can look at the relevant website information.

How to return home

Election day chosen commodity, transported to the Mainland is a big problem. As I walked toward the consumption power of the people is now obvious to many foreign producers for domestic consumers cut hands in response to this situation with ease. One of cross-border e-commerce, the typical Amazon abroad; there are direct mail, Shopbop, and United States Amazon Mall provides direct mail to Chinese goods; the last is the most popular overseas transport, suitable for the foreign business.

Due to cross-border e-commerce now provides product is not rich, and supports direct mail store is not much higher tariffs, transit most Hai Tao tribe are the preferred way to introduce the companies which provide transport services.

TRANS-Quartet Cath Kidston iPhone case

Dark Wednesdays attack, Hai Tao Foundation of knowledge science

Handing the Quartet’s brand, Amoy sea experience friends should have heard of it. Provides beauty in the, and British in the, and Japan, and Han medium more country route, the line provides has different price of select, to beauty in the line for cases, on has IPS, and IMS, and ISS and IUP, which IMS is for milk set of, ISS is is Singapore transit route, official publicity for high value of items, compared for go electronic products, this is I, digital lovers with have compared more of transit company.

Sea purchase Feng Yun

Dark Wednesdays attack, Hai Tao Foundation of knowledge science

Shun Fung’s Amoy sea forwarding services platform, providing United States, Korea and Japan three areas transferred to mainland China and Hong Kong and Macao. And the SF, the main selling point is the speed, non-peak of United States mail to the mainland takes 7~10 days, but the price, can say is SF style: 80 Yuan (1Kg), continued to 40 Yuan (0.5Kg).


Dark Wednesdays attack, Hai Tao Foundation of knowledge science

Old transit company, but register now need invite code. Provided United States and New Zealand to China’s transport services, services and prices are above normal level, it is regrettable that some products require collecting compulsory insurance, for users who need to purchase electronic products cost more.

Stupid bird sea Amoy

Dark Wednesdays attack, Hai Tao Foundation of knowledge science

Founded in 2014, the new company, currently there are only lines in the United States. Provide tax-free State straight hair (most of the transport companies have business), did not find anything special about and need to contact customer service to obtain an invite code when they register.

Cath Kidston iPhone cases

Kelp treasure

Dark Wednesdays attack, Hai Tao Foundation of knowledge science

New transit company, provided the United States, the United States and Japan on two routes. For the time being from the forecast, free pictures, tariff subsidies, free full insurance (free 2000 coverage), volume for free from closing fees, lower cost advantage, but there have been blowing up the situation before.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, outside of lower-cost itself, TRANS, big transport companies in five such festivals generally offer shipping discounts and coupons. To transfer the Quartet, for example, MasterCard/Visa card is the Bank of China this year 40 percent freight + coupons, agricultural Bank of China Visa 50 percent freight freight costs 70 percent, the United States, Japan and Germany 6 lines, other forwarding companies, also has a range of preferences.

Forwarding companies, there are also many, limited space problem is not described, please leave a recommended. A word of caution here, various transport companies was mixed, we can more experienced friends and choose the most suitable service.

How to use the transfer service

End of good, and sent to the West. Introducing transit company, incidentally, take a brief overview of how to use the transit company’s service. TRANS-China need invitation code to register sets the threshold, like Bao-free forecast services are relatively rare, kelp is not introduced, so it is familiar to everyone and it is the most typical transit Quartet, for example.

1) to the transit account of the Quartet, improvement of basic personal information, for policy reasons, customs clearance may be required for identification.

Dark Wednesdays attack, Hai Tao Foundation of knowledge science

(Transit Quartet register interface)

(Basic information)

2) for trans-shipment warehouse address Quartet, will also provide a user name and identification code to be used, generally cannot be modified, even if many don’t like have to accept.

(Trans-shipment warehouse address Quartet)

3) overseas shopping sites when you register your account fill in the delivery address for the transfer of the company’s warehouse address, simple demonstration as an example in the United States and Asia.

(AIU register interface)

(The shopping process consistent with the domestic, selected item add to cart, checkout, and is the language into English)

(Remember when shipping address filled in is the transport company’s warehouse address, the price of foreign products is not included in the consumption tax, like the United States, the proposed selection of duty-free warehouse in the State of)

(Fill in credit card information for payment, and supports the country’s dual currency credit card, and normal use of traditional Visa and MasterCard natural)

(Confirm the information is correct or complete this order) Cath Kidston iPhone cases

4) in other e-commerce can happily chop hands, anyway, buy buy buy! Only thing to remember is to identify good business when inventory number, that is similar to our express order.

5) knew following the logistics order will go to transport company forecast into account package management, General forecasting service, transhipment Quartet is a new package here. Select warehouse, fill in the number of logistics and parcel information, using different services according to their needs, confirm the delivery address, submit complete forecast.

6) the next step is to wait for the package in the granary, after receipt of the notification of forwarding companies to pay transit fees, complete payment.

7) is to wait for home delivery. In order to enhance the user experience, most of the transport companies now provide query service, you can track your package. If notifications for tax it, we hurry to the State, we are law-abiding citizens.

To introduce so much, ever ready to Amoy to sea immediately chopped the hands? Don’t worry, endure the temporary calm, let alone five, the money saved may be able to buy buy buy it again at Christmas. Do now is ready for a soft currency and account, battle for Black Friday!


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Titanium mouse

Because the game, SKY player, China became the idol, because Wow, Li Xiaofeng, known as world of Warcraft, “King”; the game, he succeeded in defending the WCG in Warcraft, become the first person in the world. “He would like to do as a career, and chose a path full of thorns: stick, confused, helpless, glory … … SKY experience tells us that life can have different choices. “

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Faith Star Wars watches prices due to a very very beautiful


Faith! Star Wars watches prices due to a very, very beautiful

  Highest Apple Watch 18K Gold version sells for $ 17000, for many people, the price is so high. MCM iPhone 6 Plus Case MCM case

  A year destined to be our concern and Star Wars this year, after all, the much anticipated Star Wars 7 original awakened will be released by the end of this year. About accessories we’ve seen a lot of Star Wars, such as the eruption of new BB-8 robot toys and so on. If Star Wars is your ultimate belief, then you will be interested in this star wars watches.

Faith! Star Wars watches prices due to a very, very beautiful
Faith! Star Wars watches prices due to a very, very beautiful
Faith! Star Wars watches prices due to a very, very beautiful

  Don’t get excited, interested in is one thing, let us look at the price, that’s right, $ 28500, this more expensive than Apple Watch 18K Gold version costs $ 11500, it seems to stick to your beliefs, it is a lot of money to pay a price.

  This crazy, expensive watch is Devon brought us by the luxury watch manufacturer. Devon is United States only made movement of the watch company. There is no doubt that this star wars watches is very surprised. We can see the Black Knight’s elegant wearing this watch on your wrist, is endearingly sense at all. Devon has always been the pursuit of Maverick, mysterious, magical ways to create the concept of time, launching a fantastic Star Wars watches, in itself, is a very mysterious thing.

  Let’s take a closer look at this watch, watch body material made of 316L stainless steel, True Black Diamond-like coating, Ruby bearings, battery life battery for up to two weeks, Super wear bullet-proof polycarbonate lenses, watches from the configuration view, it is absolutely unambiguous, and bluff in the name it is not one of those Star Wars stuff.

  Other than Darth, designer in the design of this watch when obviously integrated into tie fighter elements, for Star Wars fans, other than price, anything else is perfect.

MCM iPhone 6 Plus Case

  If you are a Star Wars fan, you can disdain this $ 28500 price, then you’ve got to start booking, because this star wars watch limited to 500 pieces.

  Oh, by the way, after buying this watch, you will get a free pair of cufflinks gifts. Do not know wear it full of tie fighter elements, expensive watches, and it can make us fly.

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NASA shocked Back to the new horizons Pluto new


NASA shocked! Back to the new horizons Pluto new

  The New Horizons spacecraft (New Horizon) has completed a flyby of Pluto mission, also heard earlier captured on Pluto’s amazing pictures. GUCCI cases

  On September 18, NASA unveiled a new set of pictures of Pluto, including the magnificent mountain panorama of the dwarf planet, nitrogen-frozen rivers and low-lying depression detail. In July one of the highlights is the new horizons flyby of Pluto until 15 minutes when shooting panoramas.

  Faced with such shocking images, NASA scientists are incredible, not only because the magnificent view of Pluto, also feel that some of these features as the Earth’s North Pole.

  ”In addition to the Visual shock, low turbidity of the daily weather on Pluto, exactly the same with the Earth. “Weier·gelandi (Will Grundy), he said, is the new horizons team leader. GUCCI iPhone 6 Plus Case

  In addition, NASA said Pluto’s “heart” position, or Sputnik Plains have thick ice cover.

  As seen under the Sun, Pluto’s ice and snow world, unbelievable. This picture and the shooting distance of Pluto to 11000 miles (18,000 km) width of the scene shot this picture is about 780 miles (1250 km) around.

NASA shocked! Back to the new horizons Pluto new

  This picture below is clear enough to show the icy Plains of Pluto – Sputnik plain, width is about 230 miles (380 km).

NASA shocked! Back to the new horizons Pluto new

  Pluto’s “heart”, basically in Sputnik plain.

GUCCI cases

NASA shocked! Back to the new horizons Pluto new

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OPPO R9 spring fashion show

iPhone Case

BLOCKS watch specifications released, modularity in advance?

Smart phone modular raised for a long time, but I haven’t seen the actual product. Superior modular smart watches appeared on the website Kickstarter–BLOCKS, releasing some specifications have been identified, in a modular way watch faster than mobile phones.

Lunatik iWatch cover

BLOCKS watch specifications released, modularity in advance?
BLOCKS watch specifications released, modularity in advance?

Through the official introduction, this watch functions, seem to support fingerprint recognition, gestures, GPS, camera, SIM cards, NFC, heart rate detection and so on, the hardware can be found at the top of the mainstream.

BLOCKS watch specifications released, modularity in advance?
BLOCKS watch specifications released, modularity in advance?

Module integrated in the strap on, and support hot-swappable, you can always replace the required modules. And BLOCKS have special module corresponding to the third-party customization, welcomed the development.

BLOCKS watch specifications released, modularity in advance?

Because of the person’s wrist weights vary, so officials also gives a reference standard: wrist width 150mm, 1 core with 4 module; 150mm, reduce the number of modules to 3 more appropriate.

BLOCKS watch specifications released, modularity in advance?

Important–that is, the core part of the dial, the processor is Xiao long 400,512MB RAM+4GB ROM,1.35 inch 360×360 screen (based on the amount raised may use AMOLED), supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, flat and now watch the hardware specifications.

BLOCKS watch specifications released, modularity in advance?
BLOCKS watch specifications released, modularity in advance?

Watch using the UI look and feel good, specific uses of the system are unknown. Connect with Smartphone, require iOS or Android 4.0 8.0 or above. Lunatik iWatch cover

BLOCKS watch specifications released, modularity in advance?

Price, naturally, in line with all the superior characteristics, provide a number of different price selection, from a minimum of 195 up to 7800 knife the choice is yours, but the target amount is now complete, and wants to buy, and so on. iWatch bumpframe


BLOCKS of the ad is “it’s the last smartwatch you’ll ever need”, you will want to do the idea of chopping the hands?


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Modular Blocks watch

This is a paragraph similar Project Ara of intelligent watches, Blocks through wrist with of decomposition to processing increased module number, its subject is a round dial, which built-in has various basic electronic module, and its communications and function expand basic are is grafted in this three big function on, can selective opened or close, so will very province electric, and special design of shape also very to force.

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Relax Super God Recommended 6 high performance gaming mouse


  A proper mouse are PC gamers to game in the hands of artifact, it is to a large extent, determine your gaming experience. When you choose to buy gaming mouse, we also need to filter based on what type of game play, such as playing shooting games need high DPI mouse while playing real-time strategy games is the key more and support into more appropriate styles. Vera Bradley phone cases Vera Bradley iPhone 5S case

Vera Bradley phone cases

  Today, we say to these gaming mouse designed for all kinds of different games, hoping to provide some references to players in need, eye may not cross-at the time of purchase, come and have a look.

  1. Roccat Nyth

Relax Super God! Recommended 6 high performance gaming mouse

  Nyth owned many mouse products mouse Roccat does not belong to the type with high DPI (1200), but its 12 support side of the custom buttons for the players who like to play online games is rare. In addition, the mouse button also supports 3D printing, of course, you must first have a 3D printer. Roccat Nyth market price at around 900 million.

  2. Cougar 700M

Relax Super God! Recommended 6 high performance gaming mouse

  Cougar 700M is designed specifically for FPS gamers, fuselage using the aluminium framework, with sensors up to 8200 DPI and 8 programmable buttons, and 512MB built the onboard Flash memory and an ARM processor. It uses a unique arched frame designed in line with ergonomic principles, and used the Palm support with adjustable and interchangeable modules, and can be stored more than 16.8 million macro command, sell for about $ 460 million.

  3. Thunder snake DeathAdder Chroma

Relax Super God! Recommended 6 high performance gaming mouse

  Thunder snake DeathAdder Chroma DPI up to 10000, equipped with high-resolution sensors may make some players felt unable to adapt, but there are players on this configuration to put it down. In addition, the RGB of cool design and great feel make this mouse of choice for many players, its market value is about 400 Yuan.

  4. Roccat Kone XTD

Relax Super God! Recommended 6 high performance gaming mouse

  Roccat Kone XTD Pro Aim R3 laser sensors, DPI up to 8200. It is built in a 72MHz Turbo Core V2 ARM architecture microprocessors, said to be the world’s highest track positioning unit. In addition, Kone XTD also will be equipped with a special customized for the player, known as accurate to the ultimate mouse wheel to provide absolute grasp of game instructions. Kone XTD market price of about 660 Yuan.

  5. Turtle Beach Grip 500

Relax Super God! Recommended 6 high performance gaming mouse

  Grip 500 is the famous Turtle Beach headphones brand introduced its first mouse products, in addition to styling and cool RGB backlight design, paired with 8200 DPI sensor, and as many as 45 programming instructions, can cope with the many different types of game controls, sells for $ 660 million.

  6. Logitech G502

Relax Super God! Recommended 6 high performance gaming mouse

  Logitech G502 called “Adaptive mouse”, meaning it has very powerful customization features. The player can adjust the DPI value from 200 to 12000. 11 buttons available for custom macro commands. In addition, it can adjust the weight by weight. To save macro commands of the corresponding button down, mouse, internal 32bit ARM independent of processor and memory. The mouse sells for $ 450 million.

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The world s first virtual reality gaming centers opened 6 a group of zombies


The world's first virtual reality gaming centers opened! 6 a group of zombies

In Australia Melbourne, has just opened a new game Center, the gaming center called Zero Latency (zero delay), located in a 4300 square foot (400 square meter) warehouse. Looks is not very big, maybe even do you often go to the city. But this game Center lets networks spend a cover page of Lei Feng opened because this is the world’s first virtual reality gaming centers!

This game centers claim to provide virtual reality experience to forget that reality. In the game, the player can use a special virtual reality of gun and attack the zombies in the game, and players can move about freely in the game scene.

Foreign media described, this is configured in the virtual reality game 129 PlayStation Eye camera.

VR Shinecon

The game Center games and let the six players at a time, at the time of the game, each player must bear a backpack containing a Alienware Alpha PC, inside the computer can help the player to wear the Oculus Rift DK2 virtual reality glasses to construct more realistic virtual reality environment.

According to the game Center Founder Scott Vandonkelaar introduces, in fact as early as in Oculus Rift on Kickstarter to raise when he had established such a Center idea of the game, of course, it could also be our individual ideas.

Earlier this month, the game Center has started to accept reservations online registration and $ 65 per person, and hundreds of people have signed up to date.

We come to appreciate their promotional video below: VR Shinecon VR Shinecon glasses

Simple three step let your keyboard with magic


Simple three step, let your keyboard with magic

Editor’s Note: this item from Instructables, pdubost by the original author.

In November 2012, I made a program called “magic keyboard” (Magic Keyboard) device, but at that time the project can only be run on my computer, does not support other devices.

In recent years increased people’s interest in this project concept a lot, I feel the need to make a Web tool, so that anyone can use. Keybright online, as long as the easy click and you can experience. (Small series of experiences, but also fun. ) In addition, the project is open source, and related code you can download on GitHub.

Required components:


Keyboard (USB or Bluetooth keyboard)


Internet connection

Step one: connect projector

According to your different devices, select HDMI, VGA or DVI interface.

Simple three step, let your keyboard with magic

After the connection is complete, open a Web browser (Chrome, and Firefox, and Safari … … ), The Web page was projected on the screen.

Step two: connect the keyboard and the calibration

Simple three step, let your keyboard with magic

Open the Keybright page in the 2nd step, press F11 key to go to full screen, then into the third step. The virtual keyboard on the screen by dragging it into the desired position, and then resize the keyboard so that it matches the size and a physical keyboard. MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

Simple three step, let your keyboard with magic
Simple three step, let your keyboard with magic

The keyboard is placed above the virtual keyboard, correspond exactly to continue fine tuning to make it.

The third step: play

Simple three step, let your keyboard with magic

Then click on the Play on the screen, the keyboard, you can see the characters constantly flew out from the keyboard!

Fourth step: what next?

Based on this concept, I’m trying to use this mechanism more scenarios, my goal is to DIY some breaking barriers to physical and digital games, imagine using two keyboards for spaceship battle!

Here is part of my current application examples, please pay more attention to my Facebook.

Then let us look at a few videos:


MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

 Attention hard to create micro-signal state (leiphone_bang), joining the global Marathon principal groups (group number: 259592983), participate in our interactive discussion, get latest sports information ~ 

Simple three step, let your keyboard with magic
Blood night Q700 keyboard

5 votes

Blood night Q700 keyboard

1.104 keys 2 mechanical shaft full health without conflicts. two-tone Cap injection molding permanent use is color-3. Anodic oxidation process the metal Panel, dazzling beauty 4. blending light, cool light effect free.

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Yu Internet reconstruction is the essence of supply and demand



Recently read some Internet start-ups, is a refreshing feeling.

These projects related to popular O2O: have phone appointment pedicures, chefs are available on-site, is a most interesting morning people wake up, breakfast items, targets those who stay in bed and single white-collar workers don’t have time to eat breakfast – apart from the mode argument and prospects, this is a thoughtful ideas.

These strange freakish project proves Prime Minister Li keqiang, the phrase “mass entrepreneurship, and innovation.” The thought behind the important support was also raised during the two sessions this year “+ the Internet.” Needless to say the popularity of the concept, took turns reading until now of the industry were able to occupy an important position of the media, various Internet side project or concept, whether in the early or the secondary market, increase the heat value all media.

Attention, not a bad thing. But at a time like this, it should keep a cool head, a clear understanding of “Internet +” behind what is the essence of, rather than a wayward stir-fry concept. I also start to talk about his own “Internet +” understanding. Hello Kitty iPad Cases

Hello Kitty iPad

As we all know, now popular cross-border Internet entrepreneurship, and businesses combined to produce new models, from a House to a bowl of noodles is, what I call “fusion era” on the other, it also marks the end of traditional Internet startup times, pure innovation into the bottleneck on the line. In and behind the back is: pure Internet is changing in a period of relatively flat, high-speed evolution more non-Internet industry thanks to new technologies.

So I think whether a true “Internet +”, the key is to look at the original non-Internet businesses, in connection to the Internet there is no qualitative changes, and this change is not efficiency, but on the reconstruction of the supply and demand. The former is just “+ Internet” physical superposition, improving stock; the latter is “Internet +” chemical reactions to create incremental.

“+ Internet” is the value of using Internet technology to break the information asymmetry in the existing business links, in order to achieve efficient reconstruction. Specifically, we are limited by time, place, processes such as lack of transparency leads to higher costs, “+ Internet” can be realized after all online (24 hours), scale (a point of access, global coverage), channels (reduction of costs). Hello Kitty iPad

Typical example is taking a taxi software greatly improves the efficiency of docking passengers and drivers, on the other hand, passengers taking a taxi and taxi supply need is there, the Internet simply to maximize the efficiency and experience of the stock, so just “+ Internet”.

“The Internet +” has achieved true reconstruction of supply and demand. Because non-Internet and the Internet after the cross-border integration, not only improves efficiency, but supply and demand both increase, so as to establish new processes and models: the supply side is “golden touch”, to full utilization of idle resources; demand is “a possibility”, created the original consumption scenarios that do not exist. A combination of both, in fact, we often say that the “sharing economy”.

For example car software, taxi software, its pattern is more idle vehicles together in society, becoming commodity resources into business processes, increase supply while passengers daily in addition to taxi, car choice, demand has increased. Reconstruction of supply and demand, and therefore is a typical “Internet +”.

Gold was also “Internet +” attempts at high-traffic information public service platform based on high traffic large data clouds, open our large data capacity, to provide real-time congested road congestion index ranking, historic comparison, and based on this intelligence to avoid congested travel solutions. When these capabilities with NHTSA, traffic radio and other trades work, will be able to create new supply and demand. For example traffic with high cooperation, added avoid plugging solution of new supply, audience gain a new demand for intelligent collision avoidance block.

Clear Internet “+” the essence, then turned to the Prime Minister’s “mass entrepreneurship, and innovation” will find the content. If is “+ Internet” memory business, limited resources from the left to the right, that still is a small part of game geek, could never hold up “public” and “millions” of breadth.

“The Internet +” the real breadth of business expansion of the master, as the cross-border integration of Internet and non-Internet, capable of creating more original pattern variables. With further deepening of the integration of Internet and non-Internet of the future, there may be no need to distinguish between Internet and non-Internet, all industries can ultimately be referred to as “Internet +” industry.

All in all, “the Internet +” may be the worst of times, represents the traditional end of the Internet era, a window of opportunity has closed; but it is also the best of times, “the Internet +” will bring new opportunities far exceed that portion of the end, reconstruction of supply and demand mean that venture next spring, little beginner’s mind and the dream can become the source of innovation.

If the door in the morning can be a good business, and what idea did not dare think of all this?

Galaxy Note 5

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Galaxy Note 5

After London and Shanghai after rehashing the event, Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 has come before us, and we got in the first retail version of Galaxy Note5, then this Note what’s new flagship series features? Come and see … …

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