Show smaller somatic energy Raumfeld cube speaker quality


When it comes to Raumfeld, perhaps some friends have never heard of. Indeed, it is not a smell Jie Zhi Xiang’s name, but born this in 2008 Germany company has been acclaimed in the field of high-end audio equipment. Now, it seems they are going to get out of Germany, Raumfeld into the world. Juicy Couture uk

Show smaller somatic energy Raumfeld cube speaker quality

  Raumfeld Sound speaker Cubes is a cube, as a speaker, from a design point of view, using a simple geometric design it is very harmonious, why use the word harmony? As it relates to our desktop computers put together, no matter size or appearance, it does not rob the play, but also will not be overshadowed other smart devices on the desk, it is worthy of any contemporary style living room.

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  Maybe we just need a few seconds at a time, we can experience how Raumfeld’s good intentions. As a high-end audio equipment, MDF box complete with alloy building, treble/bass channel and 40 watts RMS, 62-20000 Hz frequency response shows its excellent quality, unique and stylish industrial design.

Show smaller somatic energy Raumfeld cube speaker quality

  Of course, using Raumfeld Sound Cubes is very simple and convenient, just plug the power supply and connecting cable, download Raumfeld applications in our iOS and Android devices, and then the speaker is connected to the network, you can use Raumfeld Sound on the Cubes for streaming music.

Show smaller somatic energy Raumfeld cube speaker quality
Show smaller somatic energy Raumfeld cube speaker quality

  In addition, speakers also supported the RCA Stereo line input, because Raumfeld Sound account of Cubes does not configure the optical audio input, RCA Stereo line input can greatly compensate for speakers of the defect. If you need to make adjustments, you can Raumfeld APP to make adjustments to the gain of the sound.

  And the company’s other products similar to Raumfeld Sound Cubes supporting multiple sources, including audio tracks can be stored on a NAS network, we can also use the UPnP or DLNA media server, or a USB flash drive. It also supports a variety of music formats, such as ASF, MP3, WMA, WAV, ACC, and FLAC, and OGG as well as ALAC, the maximum supported sample rates are 24-bit/192kHz, as long as your network can host no problem.

  But unfortunately, this speaker does not support Google or Apple Music Play, but, perhaps with GoogleCast integration will soon solve the problem of compatibility Google Play, but Apple Music? Yet in sight.

  Let us return to nature, to learn about its sound. Its sound quality is very good. No obvious distortion, offers great depth and warmth, open soundstage. Bass-good but not exaggerated, treble brighter but no blemishes, play everything from rock to folk or Jazz, even those who are demanding tracks speaker performance can also be perfectly satisfactory. No matter if you want to party, or quietly at home appreciate Symphony, it will make you feel happy.

  There is no doubt that German speakers on the building of again showed off their technology and in good faith, and if there is anything to say, it is not supported by Google and Apple Play Music, for music lovers in China, however, does not support Google and Apple Play Music obviously is not a problem.

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