Xbox 360 market 10 years total games up to 13 million years


Xbox 360 market 10 years: total games up to 13 million years

  Xbox 360 video game market has already more than 10 years, this game was listed on November 22, 2005.

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  To celebrate the anniversary of Xbox 3,600, today published a chart of Microsoft reveals Xbox 360 hosting big data in this decade. These data do not know, a look startle.

  Chart showed Microsoft, Xbox 360 host has served more than a decade; players total number of achievements unlocked more than 26 billion, accumulated 472 billion game score; Xbox 360 players play time total length of more than 13 million years! If you didn’t think of that.

  However, anniversary, Microsoft has not released the game machine sales. In June, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 has sold 84 million units.

  In June 2014, Microsoft announced that Xbox 360 sales worldwide reached 84 million units. In 2013, after Microsoft released Xbox One, Microsoft’s Center of gravity has shifted to the Xbox One who, after all, this is an uphill battle, Sony PS4 and playing tough.

  However, while Microsoft’s emphasis on Xbox One, also do not forget to take care of Xbox 360. Recently, Microsoft offers updates, allowing Xbox One compatible with Xbox 360 games. Lunatik iWatch Case

Xbox 360 market 10 years: total games up to 13 million years

  Recently, Microsoft has published the list of the first batch of a total of 104 Xbox One backward-compatible games. There will be more and more Xbox 360 games on Xbox One play.

  Xbox India says Anshu Mor, head of the Department, it is estimated that this year there will be a lot of Xbox 360 gamers because of backward compatibility features and upgrades to the Xbox One.

  ”Lots of people believe that backward compatibility feature will let Xbox 360 players transition to the Xbox One platform,” said Anshu Mor, “appeal to the backward compatibility function is not a player or the subsidiary requirements, but global players desire. We discussed last year when Xbox 360 core gamer is going, a lot of player feedback said they would choose to stay in the old generation is to a large extent because it has invested in a lot of games for Xbox 360, don’t want to casually give up these classic works. I think Microsoft was handled very well on this matter because we successfully launched a backward compatibility feature to resolve the concern of some players. In such a situation, I feel that many Xbox 360 players will be in the Xbox One player this year. ”

  The Christmas shopping season has been quietly, Microsoft speculated that many of the existing Xbox 360 players are waiting for the coming of Christmas this year, and when that happens, many people will choose to buy the Xbox One.

  Microsoft (Microsoft) Xbox global marketing director Aaron Greenberg said: “now there are millions of users to continue to use the Xbox 360 and put it down, I think they are waiting for a suitable time and reasonable reasons to buy the Xbox One. Whether they are waiting for Halo 5 (Halo 5:Guardians), still waiting for the arrival of reverse compatibility features, no doubt we will usher in the end of a large platform. You can continue to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, and you can also experience the Xbox features One. This is the greatest gift we bring players. ”

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