Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

iPhone Case

New low: Lethal Protection 49.

Lethal Protection Life-Phorm profile of transformers, all kinds of body position changes on six legs, reinforced plastics, metal clamps and silicone material is used, impact resistance and sound are quite good, from all aspects of the picture, it can bear the weight of an SLR, and postural support. OtterBox iPad Mini Case


Lethal Protection low price of $ 20.49, recommended $ 4 cheaper than last time, and about 124 Yuan, price 230 yuan, is still pretty good.


Purchase address

New low: Lethal Protection 49.
New low: Lethal Protection 49.


Millet Note Hat Edition

1838 votes

Millet Note Hat Edition OtterBox iPad Mini Case

Millet Note Hat indeed stronger than other phones with the same processor performance, as to whether the legend of “Xiao long version V2.1 810” played a role, we have no idea, but there is no doubt that it does have a lot of advantages in kernel optimization. Millet Note Hat voices to remain consistent and Standard Edition, but more on the transient performance of sound excellent. In addition, the hat to dive at low frequencies also will feel in place, also has some strengthening of sound field.

OtterBox iPad Mini Case

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