World s smallest camera was born only hair twice times the width


Smallest camera lens can be much larger, from a theoretical point of view it was calculated. At visible wavelengths the smallest 380nm, with 0.01 radian resolution requirements (approximately 1 meter distance resolution of 1 cm spacing 2), according to the Rayleigh criterion, the lens you want at least 1.22*3.8e-7/0.01=4.6e-5 meters in diameter, which is 46um. Such scenes in traditional ways, simply cannot be made. Flawless iPhone plus case

Flawless cases

Germany Stuttgart University research team by 3D printing technology to produce the world’s smallest camera, only twice the width of a human hair, human hair width is between 10um~200um. Researchers said they proposed the new concept in the field of optics, opens up micro-and nano-optics, 3D printing and the complex design of the lens. This lens lets the camera is only the size of the salt. Flawless cases

World's smallest camera was born, only hair twice times the width

It can shoot HD Photo, also can be installed on only a PIN-thick optical fiber end. The technologies expected to minimally invasive surgery and bring about innovations in medical devices internal organs checked, can greatly promote micro-robots and drones in the vision of progress.


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