Apple Apple Car launch will be extended to 2021


Beijing time on July 22, according to the online edition of Fortune reported, although technically Apple Car does not yet exist, but media reports said it published has bounced.

The Information published an article citing sources said Apple’s own-brand cars will be released until 2021. More rumors are claiming that Apple plans to release in 2020 Apple Car, but according to The Information people give, the project “challenged” Project Titan, a former member of the team confirmed that Apple has Apple Car plans to release from 2020 to be deferred to the year 2021. Project Titan team responsible for developing Apple Car.

Apple Apple Car launch will be extended to 2021

The past few years, there have been media reports that Apple was in the development of automatic driving electric vehicles. Although Apple has not confirmed media reports, company CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) kept quiet about the Apple Car topics, from Project Titan team is a lot of rumours, Tesla’s CEO ailong·masike (Elon Musk) Apple project, called Silicon Valley “confidential secret of the worst,” he even called Apple “Tesla’s gravedigger.”

Analysts said Apple needs a major innovation of the new product, car can play this role.

However, compared with the development of new smart phones or computers, and develop cars much harder, and for Apple, the car is a new field. Media reports said Apple engineers with experience in hiring large numbers of cars, the company leader qiaoni·aiwei (Jony Ive) is also studying car design. Moschino iPad Air Case

Some veteran cars in China was critical of Apple building cars. Former GM Chief Executive Officer Dan·akeersen (Dan Akerson) said last year that because of the high cost and low return, Apple should not build cars. Former GM Executive Bob Lutz (Bob Lutz) last September, told CNBC that Apple will face “huge money trap” threat, “Apple has no experience in automobile industry, has no reason to believe that the Apple than General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota and Hyundai have done better”.

Moschino iPad Air Case

Apple Apple Car launch will be extended to 2021

According to AppleInsider reported that Apple Car develops problems, one of which is the former head of the project shidifu·zhadisiji (Steve Zadesky) left office in January. If all of the data required to deal with self-driving cars, Apple needs to improve cloud computing infrastructure. A self-driving car 2-10GB data can be generated every 1 mile. Moschino retina iPad Air case

It is not clear whether first generation Apple Car has automatic functions. After media reports said the first generation of Apple Car up to have semi-automatic driving capabilities.


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