Smart phone should be equipped with high end speakers

iPhone Case

Smart phone spell, spell screen, spell processors do you forget something? Foreign science and technology media recently said, in these configurations is big step forward, but forgot to another – audio technology and cell phone speakers. This might become the focus of a Smartphone, to give consumers a better music experience. Ted Baker iPhone 6

Foreign Media summary: prior to this Smartphone seems to ignore the audio quality and speaker equipment. Authors put forward their views, you can follow the Tablet treatment, put the speakers on the sides of the fuselage, so that you can create a stereo effect. Following is the full text of the translation: Ted Baker iPhone 6 cover

Now to the end of, when we look at 2011 and 2012 smartphones and contrast, Smartphones have changed? Here is I of summary: screen became more big has, on in this year iPhone of screen are variable big has, this is Qian years are never some, PPI also has has huge upgrade can displayed more of details; and operators also in active promotion LTE 4G high-speed network (beauty Emperor people you understand of); system in details aspects more of perfect, interface also more smooth, has more convenient of function. But they seem to ignore the aspect is all the audio technology does not seem to be valued.

Smart phone should be equipped with high-end speakers

• HTC has attached great importance to mobile music experience

Said that if a single manufacturer in audio technology have been maintained a strategic plan seems only HTC, but as far as I know, HTC is not in the audio, music played well on this point. It’s not about the brand, or that provides headphone devices isn’t good enough; but they should spend more time on the design of a mobile phone, especially the internal structure of the design, allow speakers to play a better, more realistic stereo sound.

For example recently An Zhuoji–Nexus of fire 4, this machine runs very smooth, system software, user experience is very good. But this machine’s speakers to play the effect is really bad surprise, people find it difficult to accept. I have to say, speaker volume is very large, but the audio response effect is really very bad; even if you use high-end headphones to listen to music, you could hardly hear rich bass effect.

I are not very demanding. In Samsung Galaxy Music, for example the equipment on the outside with excellent results, but in smartphones is hard to have such a good situation. And it makes me feel very important, is not easy to achieve this audio effects, much of the work is not so obvious is not on the outside.

Ted Baker iPhone 6 cover

Of the solution: follow the example of flat-panel speaker design

Smart phone should be equipped with high-end speakers
Smart phone should be equipped with high-end speakers

But another trade effects is to help solve some flat handles, flat because there is enough space, tends to edge of the speaker can be placed on the sides of the fuselage, which means both speakers. Due to its ample space, so the manufacturer can very well arrange audio components to achieve better results. This phone is very different, because the phone is compact in structure, often need to put speakers in front under the screen and compact get and other parts together. But that does not mean there is no solution on the phone, I still believe that companies can find ways to overcome the problem. From the devices I’ve tested it, flat-panel speakers than a notch on the phone well.

Smart phone should be equipped with high-end speakers

Use border outside audio design can also be very good stereo problem, because when you need when playing a stereo, left and right speakers to play music may differ, and this design can well reflect the musical differences and creating a more realistic stereo sound. And if the two trumpet from the far outside audio, stereo effect can be better.

To mobile phone manufacturers, and now is the time to consider better audio performance. Because I think in terms of reducing the thickness of the phone was near the end, in fact, increased thickness of the phone can increase the number of battery capacity battery, cell phone screen is not only can have a larger battery, but also to outside phone with better equipment to play a better sound quality. What I mean is: manufacturers not to put aside whatever audio technology, make better audio playback, consumers would really like that.



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