Low price Polar FT7 68 2

iPhone Case

Low price: Polar FT7.2

True sports fans might want to use a heart rate monitor to, better yet, if you can provide the appropriate guidance is not? Then the Polar FT7 met, provided SMAER CONACHING fitness program features assist can provide a variety of parameters, so as to see the training effect. Matching heart rate belt, there are alarm clocks, time display and sleep functions, except there is no position, others are properly completed.

Polar FT7 currently offer $ 68.2, lower than the historical price is not much about 413 Yuan, cost about 500 Yuan. Taobao price at 760~840 pace, the price advantage. Say no campaign, getting a cool watch is also a good, or that my aesthetic has been broken to such an extent? TAT

Purchase address GUCCI iPad Mini Case

Low price: Polar FT7.2
Low price: Polar FT7.2
Titanium mouse

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Titanium mouse

Because the game, SKY player, China became the idol, because Wow, Li Xiaofeng, known as world of Warcraft, “King”; the game, he succeeded in defending the WCG in Warcraft, become the first person in the world. “He would like to do as a career, and chose a path full of thorns: stick, confused, helpless, glory … … SKY experience tells us that life can have different choices. “

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gucci mini case


Low price Eye Fi Pro X2 16GB 59 99

iPhone Case

Low price: Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB. 99

Memory card we recommend a lot, but Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB is very special. Its main WiFi feature is useful, as long as the App can be installed directly over a WiFi connection to view and share, for girls self-Oh. There is also an unlimited, is the ability to automatically overwrite the photos before, pretty good. Speed is the C10, WiFi nothing, however.

Hermes iPhone 6 Plus cover

Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB a record low price of $ 59.99, about 365, suited up back. Treasure from 700~1200 Yuan, the price advantage is obvious.

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Low price: Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB. 99
Low price: Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB. 99
HoloLens holographic glasses

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HoloLens holographic glasses

Based on Microsoft’s years of accumulated technology and development, the HoloLens did for real-world scenarios and natural gesture tracking, understanding and modeling, and real-time rendering of virtual worlds and overlay (at least). Once this step is achieved, is to subvert his Phone’s core competencies. Hermes iPhone 6 Plus cover

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IC Insights 2016 China Mobile supply chain for the first time in the top 12


IC Insights:2016 China Mobile supply chain for the first time in the top 12 in the world's top 8

According to IC Insights has just released 2016 IC market dynamics report noted that IC industry continued to grow in the future must rely on cell phones and popularization of the new terminal may be reached. 2016 development situation of the smart phone market, China is already the world’s largest mobile phone market, its mobile phone brand supply chain in the first quarter of 2016, of global shipments in the top 12, won 8 seats, but many top class, and even many 20%-50% growth rate in emerging brand. Compared to Samsung and Apple decline, even more light. As for the previously outgoing will enter the Chinese market, India lead Micromax and leap’s 12th-largest handset brand in the world.

IC Insights survey that in 2015, most research centers are warning China Smartphone growth, seen from the 2015 year 2016 and sales in the first quarter, affected by this factor. Such as Chinese manufacturers send shipments decline rate of up to 44% last year, only 25.5 million. In 2013 to 2014 growing millet, 201 5 Notwithstanding the growth of 16%, surrender of 70.7 million spending volume. Millet but far better than the original forecast of 100 million to slump a lot.

In addition, IC Insights to the latest statistical data also noted that shipments of the top 12 in the world ranking of mobile phone brand, order the Samsung, Apple, Huawei, OPPO, millet, Vivo, LG and ZTE, ZTE, Lenovo, TCL, charm, and Micromax. Among them, Chinese manufacturers accounted for 8, is the first time ever. By 2016 the annual shipments of about 1.5 billion estimate, occupies the leading Samsung shipped year 1% to 320 million the recession, Apple may also be paid for the first time out of the year 3%, from 225 million iPhone shipments.

Compared to old Chinese and international brands factory shipments to shrink, emerging brands plant in China, Huawei Technologies, ranked the world’s 3rd largest in 2016, will challenge the shipments of 135 million, annual growth of 29%. But the OPPO would be beyond the millet, into the world’s 4th largest, challenge annual 77 million in shipments, growth 54% on the outbreak. 2016 launch unmanned, topic full of millet in 2016, smartphones will ship some 75 million, annual growth 6%. Vivo 48% per cent a year, shipments will reach 60 million, packed into the worldwide mobile phone shipments top 6.

Vera Bradley cases

Judging from the latest supply chain orders in 2016, the output of 900 million in the market. Among them, exports to overseas markets will reach 500 million. Industry analysts, these emerging Chinese handset supply chain, through overseas market distribution, thereby enhancing the overall shipments, behind old ZTE ZTE, associations, and so on.

In addition, IC Insights data also showed that India Micromax 2016 leading factory shipments of 25 million, had an increase of up to 74%. Japanese manufacturers SONY, United States manufacturers Microsoft, first quarter of 2016, shipping 3.4 million and 2.3 million respectively. Microsoft will function of NOKIA Mobile phones businesses for sale, Lumia 2016 Microsoft Smartphone total shipments may be less than 15 million.

Source: Sohu

ORICO COP-S01 car portable mobile phone support

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ORICO COP-S01 car portable mobile phone support

COP-S01 design originated ARMSUIT auto supplies for many years of manufacturing experience, combined with hands-on experience, this specially designed bracket specifically designed for air conditioning air outlet development products, use reach out to touch, non-slip earthquake resistance, easy to use, stable and reliable. Vera Bradley cases

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All must have funny expressions artifact Hypertext

iPhone Case

The party could face shortages? Chat without smileys? Emoji smiles to the present from the previous characters, people desire to fresh so there is no end … … Martian, e face, font complements, a variety of new characters is bound to trigger off a new round of frenzy of expression.

Super combination of text collected so much expression. In addition, also included many Combinatorial phrase, roughly divided into Emoji character, face expression. Allows to share, copy, very easy. Hello Kitty iPad

Interface is very intuitive, no popups and ads. As free software was very conscience, great. Operation can only touch, slide a little regret is missing. A layer of logic are shown, two-level logic to share and copy, if you can add a shortcut copy feature, may be better more human.

All must-have funny expressions artifact--Hypertext


Super Emoji combination displayed on the left of the text, mainly dominated by nouns show, there is no place to enter an edit. Combination effect is quite interesting, novel and while not losing too much similarity.

All must-have funny expressions artifact--Hypertext

Allows the user to enter text directly below the expression, because it’s time to share to avoid typographical errors.

All must-have funny expressions artifact--Hypertext


In this interface, mainly with common character typesetting interesting patterns, which belongs to the more traditional kind. However, since the layout is different from cell phone text messages, so the expression may only be available in the app, or on the iPhone.

All must-have funny expressions artifact--Hypertext

Here, the most interesting number should be crowding the screen. Hypertext is very clever here, allows users to customize the length, or customize anything else you can change the items. However, we use this when you want to control and 500 swords are no joke.

All must-have funny expressions artifact--Hypertext

Face expression

Teasing and selling MoE, pretend, play high cold … … All you want to say, here. Emotions or loaded to force sell Sao or can meet you all. (◍›◡ु‹◍)☆

All must-have funny expressions artifact--Hypertext

Click sharing app, circle of friends, QQ, SMS, if Twitter share with email, then it would have been preferable.

All must-have funny expressions artifact--Hypertext

Finally talk about limitations, although it is free and no advertising, but there are still shortcomings. In Hypertext, users cannot add custom expression or cloud sync, there can be some expressions: source, download some new, old faces, and so on.

General afterward, it’s, after all, it’s free, nobody asking for you no one pay you. Ask the author himself or not? Well, as a citizen when it has been in the mobile phone for a long time.

iPad mini Hello Kitty case

Millet router

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Millet router iPad mini Hello Kitty case

As millet router upgrade, new millet router global launch Broadcom Broadcom 4709C dual-core 1.4GHz CPU, with separate 512MB system Flash memory with 4 Gigabit wired network interface, built-in Seagate/Toshiba professional supervisory-level hard drive, normal 1TB, optional 6TB, support for mobile phones and cameras automatically upload.

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IPhone 7 Plus configuration upgrade Save 3GB games a 21MP camera millet smart


IPhone 7 Plus configuration upgrade: Save/3GB games a 21MP camera; millet smart watches and then exposed, battery life amazing | Lei feng's morning news

Today is the first day of the college entrance examination, one in the morning to take the language and math test this afternoon. Saying, go learn what Lei Gezhu ladies a good time at work. Here is today’s post.

Alexander Mcqueen iPhone

IPhone 7 Plus configuration upgrade: Save/21MP 3GB games

Cell phone China

IPhone 7 Plus configuration upgrade: Save/3GB games a 21MP camera; millet smart watches and then exposed, battery life amazing | Lei feng's morning news

On June 6, while in terms of appearance, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 up Plus-generation Apple 6s series changes may not be very big, but the latest shows, 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus in terms of configuration, but there are a lot of changes to upgrade.

Alleged first deposit in transit, the machine will first upgrade to 3GB, but iPhone 7 are still retained as 2GB games to save. In terms of capacity, iPhon 7 adhere to 16GB/64GB/128GB three options, but iPhone 7 Plus may be adjusted to 32GB/128GB/258GB. As for the camera, before considering that the iPhone 6s from the 8 million pixels up to 12 million pixels, iPhone 7 are expected to rise further to 21 million pixels, iPhone or iPhone 7 Plus 7 Pro, it will post two cameras, specifications may be 12 million pixels.

Rumors also shows that iPhone 7 Series USB Type-C interface will be used to support the popular fast-charging, although Apple won’t give up Lightning interface, especially after the 3.5 mm Headphone Jack will be cancelled. But given the iPhone device pursuit of light, battery capacity is very small, so fast to make up for lack of battery life, it is not impossible. Rumored iPhone will support Wireless charging, but this year we should see that.

There are rumors, iPhone 7 improved WiFi connectivity to provide faster network transmissions, and supporting 4K video stream, but there has not been proof of.

Comment: while everyone was bad-mouthing iPhone, but after the new, bought or will buy.

Millet smart watches and then exposed, battery life amazing

IT’s home

IPhone 7 Plus configuration upgrade: Save/3GB games a 21MP camera; millet smart watches and then exposed, battery life amazing | Lei feng's morning news

Yesterday afternoon, industry analysts Pan Jiutang and explosive material, said millet smart watches will be launched in the near future, watch for millet consumption, Pan Jiutang said, you can drag racing Garmin. The messages attracted the attention of many netizens, shortly afterwards, another well-known analyst Sun Changxu also erupted on the equipment-related news.

It is understood that Garmin has released a Quatix 3 watch earlier this year, claims to use for 6 weeks on a single charge. Although drag racing Garmin, Pan Jiutang did not say which products, but be sure millet watch power should not be too far off.

Smart Watches will be millet millet meters its China technology design and development, project has been 18 months of time, products mature. Meters but China CEO Huang Wang said millet Smart Watches currently in no hurry to release listed, their strategy is to experience the best in all aspects of product, hope to launch a success. Huang Wang revealed that they found a very sticky on the smart watch selling points, but Tencent senior recognition.

Huang Wang said, “we take this watch to Tencent’s top of view, they think they have seen only to impress their smart watches in the watch. ”

Comment: I just want to know what you are touched by Tencent high?

HTC personally developed introduction of VR games expand virtual reality games lineup

Zhongguancun online

IPhone 7 Plus configuration upgrade: Save/3GB games a 21MP camera; millet smart watches and then exposed, battery life amazing | Lei feng's morning news

According to foreign media reports, HTC on the Taipei computer show Compute x HTC Vive discloses a new game, called Front of the Defense, is a World War II-themed VR games. The game can be considered “personally developed by HTC.”

The Front Defense of the actual development of the game was developed by Fantahorn Studio, the Studio is made up of former employees of HTC.

HTC has plans to introduce more VR games to enrich HTC Vive exclusive lineup. That HTC will also change the spelling function of strategy, the introduction of more quality content to attract consumers. In the field of VR, HTC the depth of cooperation with Valve, double headset was designed not only to develop, on the Steam Valve will open VR content store, to provide more virtual reality games.

Comment: HTC developed the games can also reduce dependence on Valve platform, after, after all, who does not know.

Fall of Zuckerberg’s social networking accounts because one password everywhere

IPhone 7 Plus configuration upgrade: Save/3GB games a 21MP camera; millet smart watches and then exposed, battery life amazing | Lei feng's morning news

Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter account was stolen. A prank called Our Mine the hacker team. They claimed that, thanks to a couple of weeks ago LinkedIn leaking millions of account numbers and passwords.

On May 18 this year, peace (Peace) this organization openly sell LinkedIn group of 117 million users in the Dark Web data, including email and password. At that time, Zuckerberg login passwords may have been leaked. As it happens, his Twitter account with the same password.

Remember, most people are in the site, logged on to the system using the same password. However, whether with pranks, or professional Internet dark industry company, as a consumer, this itself is not secure.

A hacker needs only to collect username and password information has been leaked in the Internet, you can use the script volume in other attempts to log on to the Web site.

Comment: is a password for all around use.

World’s first 3D printed aircraft debut in Berlin Alexander Mcqueen iPhone

Phoenix Technologies

IPhone 7 Plus configuration upgrade: Save/3GB games a 21MP camera; millet smart watches and then exposed, battery life amazing | Lei feng's morning news

According to foreign media reports, mini aircraft and Thor at the Berlin international air show debut last week. Surrounded by round the giant Jet, Thor is very small, but still striking, because this small Airbus aircraft is the world’s first 3D printed aircraft.

Windowless, weight 21 kg, less than 4 meters long, drone Thor is a large white plane model. Thor is “high tech goals in reality test” (Test of High-tech Objectives in Reality) abbreviation.

However, the European aviation giant Airbus, this small, unmanned propeller-driven aircraft was a pioneer, it will first be used for testing new technologies in the future. In the aviation industry of the future, 3D printing technology is expected to save time, fuel and money.

“This is a test of the potential of 3D printing,” Airbus Thor deteliefu·keninggesiji, head of project development (Detlev Konigorski) in Berlin near the dormitories in the airport’s international air show said, “we want to see if we can through the 3D printing technology to speed up the development process, not just the 3D printing individual parts, but the entire system. ”

Thor in the production process, only use 3D printing of polyamide materials section is electronics.

Modular Blocks of cattle than Google Watch

IPhone 7 Plus configuration upgrade: Save/3GB games a 21MP camera; millet smart watches and then exposed, battery life amazing | Lei feng's morning news

At the Taipei computer exhibition, InnoVex new Pavilion Blocks modular watch quite eye-catching. This looks pretty big Blocks modular watches, 1.39 inch circular AMOLED display screen (400×400) wear a pretty cool Oh! Blocks equipped with Android operating system Wear, Qualcomm APQ8009w processor Inside, equipped with 512MB, 4GB, storage space, built-in 300mAh battery, battery life is quite powerful.

This paragraph Blocks module of watches ends can received Blocks module group strap, also can select battery, and heartbeat meter, and GPS, and outdoor movement, and LED lamp, and can programming press, additional module, and next year also is expected to again plus SIM card, and fingerprint reading device, and NFC, into order of module, future or has air quality detection, and camera, and Flash, more module of may, installation demolition are very convenient, separation strap parts Shi just to by Xia connection at sides of small press can pop-up, quite convenient. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone

IPhone 7 Plus configuration upgrade: Save/3GB games a 21MP camera; millet smart watches and then exposed, battery life amazing | Lei feng's morning news

At present, the Blocks module watches the core module price about $ 280, strap modules $ 40-70 a month, and assembled the core + four modules is expected to about $ 400, little friend who wanted to start as soon as possible to prepare silver.

Comment: Watch is very cool, belongs to the geek toys.

“Promotional” bird cloud cloud computing market changes across all product lines 0 Yuan/half a year free

Millet 4I

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Millet 4I

Variants as a downgrading for the midrange model, millet 4 hardware configuration I was still a very cost-effective mobile phones. Red rice at similar price points and charming blue although the price is a little lower, but configuration does not meet the standards millet 4 I, profile millet 4 I close to the people, at a slightly higher price in Exchange for better performance and appearance, so why not?

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Apple plans to sell us 3 billion 4 billion bonds in the Asia Pacific region


A person familiar with the matter said Apple in Taiwan and Australia issuing bonds, Hong Kong sales were about $ 1 billion, this is Apple’s release in the Asia-Pacific region part of the $ 3 billion-4 billion bond plan. At the end of March this year, Apple is sitting on $ 233 billion in cash, of which about 90% cash overseas. People familiar with the matter said Apple typically bond proceeds overseas funds used to buy back stock and pay dividends, rather than overseas profits back to the United States domestic–to repatriate will be taxed. Michael Kors air Case

Original link: Wall Street Journal

NAPPA breathing decanter

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NAPPA breathing decanter Michael Kors

NAPPA new breath-decanter only takes a few minutes to complete the traditional hours of up time, patent Cork Guide for design, inverted streamer, back into the bottle in the same manner. Only repeated twice, air pressure and flow can be restrained aroma of a quick reminder, within a very short time to achieve the best flavor.

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Michael Kors air Case

Your body has a delicate balance system VR makes it however failure


Your body has a delicate balance system--VR makes it however failure

HTC Vive

By this time next year, there will be a variety of virtual reality (VR) game system available to consumers. Sony’s Playstation VR had already announced in 2016 and come out in the first half, virtual reality glasses that Facebook plans to be completed by the first quarter of 2016, Valve produced jointly with the HTC Vive has promised to released in the summer of 2015. Upcoming virtual reality system is mainly for players and user needs so that this technology has a wide range of applications. These companies are interested in developing a virtual travel, training, entertainment and other applications. VR iPhone case

Experience new enthusiastic users of virtual reality systems. Tired of countless times over the years has been declared the “next big thing” coming commentators also hugged her. But, like any other new technology, virtual reality has some potential problems. The most obvious is that it makes people a feeling of Vertigo and nausea. There are less obvious problems: the deeper causes of these symptoms come from the virtual reality system interacts with the human balance system. Balance of the Visual system is an important part of human balance system, watch the virtual scene (instead of the real scene) may cause dizziness and motion sickness feeling slightly nauseous and off balance feeling of extreme discomfort. Any user may have these symptoms, for this group of older persons should be even worse.

Keep balance in the excitement

The illusion of VR exist simply create a virtual environment, fantasy, relying on a convincing 360 degree Visual rendering and interaction with virtual worlds using a handheld controller. When it’s seamless, the feeling of really being in the virtual world. However reports have repeatedly confirmed that based on feedback from experienced users actually feel uncomfortable.

Gamers once again be seen as those most likely to be early adopters of the new VR system. But once the technology rests in the hands of consumers, it will find many other uses. From the class field trip that began last year into a fun experience, students do not need to leave the classroom to “out of anywhere in the world.” All kinds of vocational training in the virtual learning environment is very similar to the real working environment to upgrade their vocational skills, entertainment industry experience unlimited opportunities.

When you can “visit” any major things happen why do we need the movies on the screen in the living room? You can spend as much time to visit a Museum, and enjoy whatever you like works of art in order to explore the secrets of the Machu Picchu ruins at your own pace from home plate seats angle or baseball players lounge to watch the world series, as you like. These things you can do in the evening in your living room, the environment is so real, even if you were actually there. But it seems that each record in the new virtual reality system development was accompanied by the Vertigo and nausea. Although these symptoms look very simple, but the cause of dizziness, motion sickness is complex and has not been completely clear.

Researchers felt dizzy because of the balance system is destroyed, and nausea. In this regard, motion sickness can be seen as a warning signal, it tells us something of the reality beyond the boundaries of our balance system capability. Nausea (from mild discomfort to disabling) is a very extreme early-warning signals.

virtaul reality case

Why do so many people experience these feelings, so why should such extreme? in short, balancing is one of your important functions. Balance enables us to move and take things under the influence of gravity to maintain upright posture. Balance depends on the interaction between three sensory systems: proprioception (sensation and strength of your body parts), vestibular sensory (spatial orientation), Visual. These information systems through a complex network of feedback loops in the cerebellum and spinal cord are integrated. Under normal circumstances this system is working, and not feel. But when any part of the balance system is not quite right, we’ll feel nausea and dizziness. Proprioception provides how to make different parts of the body relative to the body’s centre of gravity provide the basis for coordination of information balance. Joint receptors, muscle and skin tell you support the substance of the body and the body’s Center of gravity is located. For example, if you are standing on the hardwood floor body leaning forward, your toes, ankle, heel of the receptor will provide important information: your weight is supported by the feet; you stand on a hard surface; your body’s Center of gravity has moved forward. The vestibular system of the inner ear and provided information on the movement of the head (including linear and Rotary), as well as its location. Through a series of reflex action enable people to maintain balance. For example, when your head moves, vestibuloocular reflex makes your eyes focus on a goal. Without this focus, people will often spin dizzy in the head.

Another example is the vestibular spinal reflex. Your feet close your eyes stood, if you focus on your feet, feel your weight by cleverly transferred after visiting, moving from side to side slowly. These small movements are called swing. When you shake it not too big that fall because of vestibular spinal reflex foot and ankle proprioception information to counteract the sway amplitude. It by adjusting the leg and trunk muscles of the body’s Center of gravity back between your two feet. Swing range will increase as they grow older, which is increasing the likelihood of older man lost his balance to many factors.

Through the Visual information to the brain perceived by the vestibular and proprioceptive systems to provide information. If necessary, it will dominate the body to make movements to prevent loss of balance. For example, when we see a down stairs, balancing system based on the stairs need to adjust our gait and physical point of view. Visual, vestibular and proprioceptive information combined will make us get down the stairs without falling over. (If you ever down the stairs when you experienced it will well understand the importance of this matter: do you think that is the last step of the stairs, when you move only to find that the original place where not as much as you want. )

Vision is an important function. When ontology and vestibular information are insufficient or conflicting Visual information can be used to solve the problem and keep the body balanced. Any challenging balance tasks, such as standing on one foot, eyes closed cases will be more difficult. The three systems of any damage you can cause dizziness, motion sickness or loss of balance. VR typically has no direct effect on the body or the vestibular system, it only affects vision. Replace real-world virtual landscape will cause pressure to the balancing system, which will cause problems.

When virtual reality experience to achieve the desired effect, Visual input of the virtual world and the real world of vestibular and proprioceptive input and phase coherence, users will have a great experience and are in good health.

When Visual input entered into conflict with the other two systems, with the result that we’ve discussed above: dizziness, nausea, and loss of balance. In many cases, the virtual reality extent balance the damage was mild and insignificant. However, it sometimes reached serious levels, severe enough to lead to stumble and fall, the problem of elderly people may be more serious.

Virtual reality will affect the balance because it provides visual information are not reliable indicators of the actual conditions of the body affected by gravity. When the body is affected by Visual information adjustment body balance, will be out of balance. We now recall the previously mentioned examples of stairs. When you walked down the stairs, trying to lean body, make the shift. Suppose you are virtual worlds quickly down the stairs and was just standing in the real world. You may be starting to lean back because the Visual tells you, you have to go downstairs.

If the virtual experience is perfect enough, then it can correct your proprioceptive information to tell you you’re at rest. Backward tilt of the information provided by the vestibular spinal reflex is not correct, you may stumble and fall.

Unnecessary Visual information in this virtual world of postural changes may also cause people to lose balance. VirZoom recent E3 show in Las Vegas is a good example. VirZoom is a system that is for users to ride a stationary bicycle through a virtual channel. Excited after many people try to VirZoom and found it very stimulating. virtaul reality case

They also felt the danger. When passing the intersection cyclists tend to turning movements. During the presentation, Visual input and vestibular and proprioceptive inputs different, which makes users tend to follow the path to the virtual corner, cause they lost balance on the stationary bike.

Your body has a delicate balance system--VR makes it however failure

Older people stop

Concerns about virtual reality may affect the balance of elderly users seems to be inappropriate. After all, older people usually slow in new technology. A recent survey showed that among the over 65 age group, only 14% people interested in attempting to VR. So why should we care about the elderly users? Because after the commercialization of virtual reality may be covering a wide range of fields, this technology might appeal to everyone – regardless of age. In addition, the new virtual reality system is designed for players, and the players, without exception, will grow old. Electronic Software Association 2015 annual report noted that the average age of gamers is 35 years old. Women most often play the game average age is 43 years old; United States 27% of players aged 50 and above. 50 age group the proportion of players is greater than 18 years of age groups.

According to the United States Census Bureau forecasts these figures may increase, suggesting that United States proportion of population over the age of 65 will increase year by year, until 2037. By then, the proportion of this age group will stabilize between 20 and 21 percent until 2050.

In General, older people than younger people are more likely to lose balance, because balancing requires the use of the nerves and muscles will grow and shrink with age. In addition, diabetes also causes the nerve cell loss.

Studies have shown that vestibular neurons began to decline when the number was about 55 years old. The peripheral nervous system (source of proprioception) of certain structures of nerve density in people more than 40 years began to decline. In the test of balance performance of more than 40 groups also are starting to suffer. While the United States the average age of players close to the age of these drop began.

While we cannot fully understand why people as we get older lose balance easier, but we know enough to get us a good understanding of elderly users respond to virtual reality.

Laboratory and clinical studies show that age-related loss of nerve function from distal to proximal limbs–from the limbs to the Center (the hips and torso). This leads to balance when standing, because as a neural component body system of foot and ankle function began to deteriorate in the first. Dynamic posturography using computer technology to do a study shows that older people often rely on increased Visual input to make up for the loss of proprioceptive information. Anyone with normal vision, balance is not difficult. Usually only when elderly proprioception and balance problem would only occur when the visual impaired.

Even if the users normal Visual function, Visual input of virtual reality may also affect the balance–vision provided may not be a true and reliable environmental information. When the older VR user experience, and he can cover his body facing the loss of feeling down risk of Visual input. Results is easier for him to lose balance.

Due to age-related neurological damage, human body unconsciously affected by vestibular spinal reflex make bad adjustments, so older people are more likely to shake. Because of declining proprioception, older people tend to rely on vision correction to mill around. Transverse swinging of the virtual reality system did not accurately convey the information, older users may prefer from side to side.

Older users are not only in the VR experience are more likely to experience balance problems, normal aging process makes them balance the system once damaged are unlikely to recover. Age-induced neural and muscular atrophy decreases the reaction rate of the elderly, making it lose balance in the elderly requires more time to respond.

If older users under attack: in the process they are more likely to experience virtual reality out of balance, is more difficult to lose balance, quick adjustment. For the players, however, older users like a start to play then you select a higher difficulty.

Your body has a delicate balance system--VR makes it however failure

Finding the balance

While watching the virtual landscape instead of real landscapes are likely to after the age of 40 who have a greater impact, virtual reality systems impacts on human balance system is universal. What measures can be taken to reduce the possibility of falling?

The most obvious solution is to sit in your seat experience virtual reality. Sitting in the Chair almost all environment fall on the probabilities are much smaller than the stand. This may be particularly suitable for older gamers, because of declining neurological function of distal to the Center mean proprioception information from hip feel than the foot and ankle nerves impaired information may be relatively normal feeling.

While sitting in the Chair works, but in the sense of immersion in virtual reality may be significantly reduced. HTC Vive is designed to move freely in 15 square feet of space to experience the system. United States Science and technology media website editor Kyle Orlando experienced the game for all major VR system, his response and many other critics of the Vive: the virtual reality system than other systems that are designed to sit and play more interesting.

Even if you use the virtual reality system is designed for sitting and design, you may find keeping sitting is also difficult. When you watch the video user experience virtual reality and you will find that they sometimes standing, walking, sometimes even Dodge, and waving their arms, from the observer point of view it is stupid, but for the player he is undergoing the perfect virtual world. Game exists in the virtual reality world of feeling is so strong that made it hard for players to stationary.

How to get a sense of it? a rotating Chair to solve this problem, it can help users maintain exposure at the VR to create 360-degree sense of the Visual world. Arm-chair is a good idea, because the arm can prevent users tilt or lean over when falling from the Chair.

But if you need to stand up, please stand on hard surfaces such as tile or hardwood floors, rather than soft surfaces such as shag carpet. If avoided walking on the carpet, try to ensure that it is not filled with a thin carpet. Soft surface will reduce the proprioception at the ankle for the accuracy of the information, making it more difficult to keep balance. (Walking in soft sand is an extreme example. ) For elderly users, stand on a hard surface is especially important.

There are many clinical studies have shown that people of all ages through a number of standard test can improve their balance systems. Study results showed that practices can reduce the chances of out of balance, the find could also apply to virtual reality. But it is also not clear balance improvements in virtual environments is still applicable in the different environments-that is, each environment requires it’s practice time. This is similar to, and experienced players will need some initial training to become familiar with a new controller configurations.

Finally, the simplest solution may be playing with people in the real world – playing with friends meant that once you start to lose balance, your friends can always help you. You can turn off the device with your partner, take turns wandering around in the virtual world, and to share this amazing experience with family and friends.

Similarly, virtual reality will be challenged every uses its balance system. For some people, the impact of VR is minimal, but for other people, it cannot be ignored, and most likely to be somewhere between the two extremes. In particular, we refer to VR could lead to pressure on human balance system, not to intimidate people, on the contrary we are encouraging people to be prepared to deal with problems that may occur in use. Even for elderly elderly users of VR is complicated, but the potential applications of the platform is so extensive, and people of any age to try.

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Open karts equipped with a VR helmet on the ship will be more like


  This is not science fiction only in some scenes, but a reality. If you’re sitting on the couch playing Mario Kart, or go to Copyplay in your yard, then does seem to be a bit behind the times.

Moschino Samsung Galaxy case

Open karts equipped with a VR helmet on the ship will be more like

  F1 on a tall as a person who is not to be, then the relative civilians many Kart we can often experience the unique charm of the car to sit. Do not underestimate Kart, all F1 drivers from karting game, poinsettia, and professional karting games also have scientific and technological content. Moschino Galaxy case

Open karts equipped with a VR helmet on the ship will be more like

  Well, when you’re faced with the vast sea, you would think one day I can feel the sea breezes, ran a karting race on the cruise? Norway cruise lines are building a fantastic Kart race track, it can be said for a friend who likes racing, this is the ultimate playground. Well, I only have one question, when cruise because the waves occur during turbulence, above a racing Kart will be affected, never ran it all stopped and waited for the ship steady.

  ”Sir, because the bumps, you brake is docked to the side, the track closed……” hope that this scenario does not occur.

  But some foreign media was very interested in the idea, they feel the Kart, you can configure some of the life-saving equipment, in case of unfortunate things, these karts can instantly morph as a lifeboat, the sinking of the Titanic accident caused big casualties, is because there were no kart track’s sake.

  Like the F1 ‘s friends knew the shining pearl of the Monaco Grand Prix street race is like, and cruise the Kart on the track, but can also refer to the Monaco Grand Prix circuit design. Well, if you open Kart when matched with a VR helmet, fancied himself attended a F1 Grand Prix onboard cruise ships, it’s not great.

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Collection is the collection of 1542 Moschino Samsung Galaxy case

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Xie Tiandi in Shenzhen and not have to talk about entrepreneurship


Editor’s Note: this is a second Lei Feng General Manager Xie Tiandi “Shenzhen • chain Conference” speech on record. We call them “hard” refers to hard based on product and technology innovation, different from the mature business Internet business model innovation (which we call “soft innovation”).

And Shenzhen don’t need venture, this is because the whole Shenzhen venture, in the struggle, which here is a hardware product service chain and entrepreneurial heaven.

Following is the text of the speech:

Thank you, and I am the General Manager of Lei Feng Xie Tiandi, today to share with you the topic is of the hard @ Shenzhen.

Refers to hard to create all first response-in Shenzhen on the hardware. We speak more than just hardware: all product, technology-based innovations are hard to create, is the absolute innovation.

In comparison, soft innovation is based on proven technology mature business models into a new run on the network, for example, you are selling goods, in Taobao shop on the flow line to the line, we would call it a soft innovation.

Shenzhen is a hard creative heaven. Host refers to a problem, Beijing’s first entrepreneurial atmosphere, whose entrepreneurial atmosphere compared to Shenzhen and Hangzhou is the second? If you ask me, I would say:

Shenzhen business atmosphere is better than Beijing, for what?

In Shenzhen there are many, many under the iceberg project, they might not even be a public company, but their invisible champions in every industry, large parts of Xinjiang, and is compared with Shenzhen characteristics of the project, which features where is it? I got you this technology can’t handle it, I’m sorry, I is the market leader. On the threshold of their technical input and leadership, brings high returns that cannot be copied, which is a common characteristic in Shenzhen venture team. Most of them are not in the public eye, like some process, some plan, some details and treatment, but only a few companies, if they venture company? Yes, that’s right.

Awash in such company in Shenzhen, the company formed by the industry chain, Shenzhen is also referred to as hardware important causes of heaven and entrepreneurial heaven.

Two days ago, is the establishment of special economic zones in Shenzhen 35 anniversary of something that was in 1980, Shenzhen City is in fact in 1979, then-Vice Premier Li xiannian in drawing a line on a map (presumably to Shekou in that position), pioneer of Shenzhen’s first entrepreneur. At that time, Shekou is a barren hill.

So I would say, North Canton, Shenzhen is not inherited, nor compete for resources through the development of. Is fought out in a wasteland of a modern city.

The term entrepreneurship, born from the Shenzhen roots at the beginning of each enterprise and Government agencies in the bone marrow. Is venture in Shenzhen, which is the reason why I mentioned is better than Shenzhen North Canton.

This activity is hoping I start talk about Shenzhen’s entrepreneurial ecology. But I thought for a moment, no business in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, because the whole business, is struggling.

So I would say: “in Shenzhen, no need to talk about business. “Because everyone is entrepreneur in Shenzhen.

Xie Tiandi: in Shenzhen, and not have to talk about entrepreneurship

Shenzhen hardly find what is bureaucracy large company or large organization, even at the Tencent in a big Mac, Huawei also has numerous small projects, Tencent often is a project manager was also carrying two people do, then doing good becomes a project within the Tencent, big BOSS optimistic about devoting more resources. Tencent micro letter that year, three teams, who did well on the name micro-to whom. Such internal PK in Tencent, Huawei is a very common thing. These teams of large corporations, is also the entrepreneurial attitude in the work. So I would say everyone is an entrepreneur in Shenzhen.

2012 before the Spring Festival, my first venture failed. Is the coldest in Shenzhen after the Spring Festival, when I came to Shenzhen. Then walk on the Mall, in Shenzhen, looked up and saw a piece of advertising. Was really encouraging.

Shenzhen is a references to “encourage innovation, failure tolerated,” written in the street of the city. Was born in this city by default people are walking down the street thinking about innovation, challenge, trial and error, is continuing to fail and eventually usher in success.

That is to see in other cities.

My three years in Shenzhen, not just in science and Technology Park, Futian, Lo Wu or every restaurant, cafe, even at McDonald’s can hear someone talking about the edge, not doing something.

This city is born of struggle. But the city needed was for so many years everyone was wild, very grass-roots entrepreneurship eco-efficiency. Entrepreneurial advocate working in Shenzhen, but with newer technology and more effective services to help entrepreneurs improve efficiency, forming system, grow faster and get more.

Xie Tiandi: in Shenzhen, and not have to talk about entrepreneurship

Refers to the heart of business scope, let us focus on Shenzhen’s business direction. Lei feng’s network is currently focusing on four areas–artificial intelligence, AR/VR, smart home, health care.

Not because they sound on a very tall, very forced. But because it is in our view the most promising areas most likely to change the world in the coming years. They are not out of reach, their outbreak is occurring.

We have a reference called “third-generation network.” 98 became commonplace on the Internet before and after 2000 years, we believed to be the first generation of network 2011 before and after you start the mobile Internet, we call it next-generation network; there will be a generation behind the network, called Internet of things, more likely to be called by any other name.

Third generation network evolution is how it?

To tell you a brief history of false:

Around 2000, the PC in the Office, the institution gradually began to gain ground. Telecom business telephone lines are connected to the PC, based on a standardized operating system (Windows), unified Protocol (www), makes it possible for Web sites. Traditional PC software business by those standards, set up “Server-client” software has also become standardized technologies.

In this way, entrepreneurs can build their own Web site or client software, in which social, leak electricity provider, run video, run the game … …

And the development of the mobile Internet and PC Internet pretty much the same. First of all telecom operators began 3G the great leap forward. While iPhone and Android handsets are also rapid iteration.

Data networks and terminal equipment, we began to do Wap on a mobile phone or a HTML5 website; or directly to do App. But there is a change, when the app a super App appears, you can make a small application in the Super App, small public.

Mobile Internet-more than the PC Internet business architecture and business threshold is lower. There are many standardized technologies to directly use them. No technical skills, or by the public, such a simple end run business.

Hello Kitty for Note 4

We know that the public can be used to make content, can be used for social networking, can be used to do business, and some even used to make complex functions such as games.

Based on the two known times, we went to the speculated third-generation network.

Xie Tiandi: in Shenzhen, and not have to talk about entrepreneurship

But circumstantial, the result is a “don’t know”. Two generations before the third generation network will comply with the law of network development, we know that there will be dramatic changes, but we don’t know what change is.

We have a few guesses.

For example, the first generation of network Terminal PC, second generation cell phones, we believe that third-generation network terminals should be robots.

For example, the first generation of network we use mouse interaction, the second generation network we have the multi-touch, so third-generation network? We believe that virtual reality. We have already seen some sense technology, gesture recognition, but a small portion of this is virtual reality interaction. Finally, in the third generation interaction on the Internet than those more advanced.

These technologies are not impossible, and most have been realized in the laboratory, the problem is how to reduce costs and entered the commercial. This is not a distant thing.

Moreover, we are aware that the third-generation networks have a higher threshold than the previous two generations of. 90 Executive paperless, PC is not difficult to see. So the first generation of network computers already connected up OK. Second generation networks easier, you use a mobile phone for more than 10-20 years, now upgraded to a better Smartphone, require little education costs.

But the third generation of the very high cost of education, a man who does not wear a bracelet used to teach him to wear a bracelet that’s smart enough to be very easy, not to mention other devices with sensors.

But the home environment, health, environment, sports and so on, these special occasions, much easier to deploy third-generation network. Smart homes and health take the lead in adopting new technologies and networks are more likely, and household consumption and greater likelihood of health consumer to pay for new technology.

So, third-generation network business opportunity should first born here – artificial intelligence, AR/VR, smart home, health care.

Xie Tiandi: in Shenzhen, and not have to talk about entrepreneurship

And driven entrepreneurs motivation is that this is a new network, the new network will be born a new richest man.

But we found that a 12th-generation network, the richest man ever born in traffic portals, games, cultural consumption, transactions. We thought, gave birth to the richest man in new third-generation network also ran out of the business.

We do not believe that intelligent hardware business that sell intelligent hardware now can be sold as a richest man.

Third-generation network’s richest man born? First of all, we have a massive intelligence equipment, in all things that we have seen, there are sensors, data acquisition. After this, we must be able to process these data and outputs the effective instruction of middleware and software. Build new business based on the software architecture. We think the 3rd network business structure will be different from the era of mobile Internet App, or the public.

After the mainstream framework were identified, there are entrepreneurs go into business, video, social networking, games, cultural consumption and so on are brought up. This is a new network, but it is an old business.

We think of the first retail and cultural consumption, financial flows on the move to a new network of entrepreneurs, will get new equipment and new user growth dividend. This bonus was the richest man in new born, and business trends must be different from now. May be we can’t imagine entirely different. Hello Kitty for Note 4

In the new richest man in the birth process, will continue with the martyrs ‘ project starters after a number of martyrs to identify opportunities and would be pioneer. And many pioneers, there will be a new richest man born.

Xie Tiandi: in Shenzhen, and not have to talk about entrepreneurship

In front of the third-generation network the huge business opportunities, must be the pioneer in Shenzhen. In fact when I wrote this title, it occurs to me, in fact pioneers in two generations network in Shenzhen. From 1998, Tencent started doing Internet based service, Huawei also achievements in mobile communications. So was a voice I said at the beginning, Shenzhen has always been in the vanguard of technology and product innovation. Hello Kitty Note 4

Refers to third-generation network in Shenzhen, you will first think of Xinjiang. Unmanned aerial vehicle is a very large robotics applications, it means a whole new digital platforms, and has a great imagination.

However, we do not know a lot of the cutting edge of technology. Perhaps Members may say, Shenzhen huaqiang North, you can buy electronic components. But many people don’t know some single point of Shenzhen development is a leader in technically. Such as Bluetooth 4.2, and we may also play Bluetooth 4.0, but Shenzhen did several Bluetooth 4.2 programme of research and development, and some even has come up with a testing of the finished product. Bluetooth 4.2 What does that mean, Bluetooth 4.2 give the device an IP address, a set of Bluetooth 4.2 devices can be in does not require a server case, WiFi, telecommunications network, directly connected to build a separate unmonitored network, the network has all the features of wide-area Internet.

This is very scary, said Shenzhen than five or six years ahead of the commercial Internet, direct to define the future of technology and business models.

We believe that business in Shenzhen, if separated from the technique and product innovation is a waste, because where you have the opportunity to stand in the higher dimensions to look to the future, to take the lead in trying to the forefront of innovation.

Xie Tiandi: in Shenzhen, and not have to talk about entrepreneurship

Details about the hardware itself, Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) opened a brand “hard to create open classes” to share and discuss. On Saturday, August 29, hard to create open class the fifth will be held in Shenzhen. Do your ads here, interested friends welcome to click the end application.

Hard of open class, we discuss how to detail to achieve the ultimate in technology and products. But Shenzhen also need occasions like today, and enhance the potential of entrepreneurs in Shenzhen, influential radiation into a national and even global innovation in Shenzhen. But in this context than in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hangzhou City is weak. If the Shenzhen entrepreneurs to focus on business at the same time, effective quick popularity, universal, Shenzhen will quickly transcend national or even technology innovation in other cities around the world.

Hard to create open class registration link

Xinjiang drone Elf 3 Standard Edition

260 votes

Xinjiang drone Elf 3 Standard Edition

It is understood that the products have 25 minutes battery life, equipped with customized 94 ° wide angle Prime lenses, 2.7K HD video recording up to 30 frames per second, it can take 12 million pixel still photos, supports JPEG and DNG RAW format. Meanwhile, Xinjiang Elf 3 Standard Edition match synchronized upgrade new DJI GO mobile applications to help users adjust the camera parameters.

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Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

iPhone Case

New low: Lethal Protection 49.

Lethal Protection Life-Phorm profile of transformers, all kinds of body position changes on six legs, reinforced plastics, metal clamps and silicone material is used, impact resistance and sound are quite good, from all aspects of the picture, it can bear the weight of an SLR, and postural support. OtterBox iPad Mini Case


Lethal Protection low price of $ 20.49, recommended $ 4 cheaper than last time, and about 124 Yuan, price 230 yuan, is still pretty good.


Purchase address

New low: Lethal Protection 49.
New low: Lethal Protection 49.


Millet Note Hat Edition

1838 votes

Millet Note Hat Edition OtterBox iPad Mini Case

Millet Note Hat indeed stronger than other phones with the same processor performance, as to whether the legend of “Xiao long version V2.1 810” played a role, we have no idea, but there is no doubt that it does have a lot of advantages in kernel optimization. Millet Note Hat voices to remain consistent and Standard Edition, but more on the transient performance of sound excellent. In addition, the hat to dive at low frequencies also will feel in place, also has some strengthening of sound field.

OtterBox iPad Mini Case

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